8 Mar 51

Well, I’ve really fallen down on writing up events. Our hockey team lost 4-2 to USMA—they had a terrific time down there and were treated like kings. That same night our swimming team placed second with Sir Geo. William’s, RMC, McGill, and Queen’s, so we are beginning to get a footing in the swimming world. Yesterday I laid my first charges against two fellows who were late for class as I was class senior. Discipline in class has been very slack lately and it was a hard thing to do. Today the Royal Roads team arrived and we heard Maj. Gen. Macklin give a talk on communism’s threat. He stands well over six feet and is a good representative of the brawny Scottish infanteer. He is a very forceful and convincing speaker. Major Fawcett gave us a short talk on the new short commissions put into effect recently—it appears that fellows will be getting paid if commissioned in their fourth year. Everybody’s mind is on the threat of war soon—the army is certainly going full speed ahead to get up its strength.

9 Mar 51

Today I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done; that was putting or reporting Moon Hall and Rev. Dowsley unaccounted for—ever since Christmas we have seldom had to take a roll call for each lecture—anyway today Lt. Shaw asked for a report and since both Moon and Rev. shipped out for Toronto I had to report them. Our gym team display went off fairly well before a packed gym. Willy Hough and Ted Mills were wonderful on the chairs and the parallel bars. The fellows who put on the P.T. and Indian clubs display did a very good job also—most of the credit goes to Sgt. Maj. Grindley for the fine job tonight—they had the clubs painted with phosphorescent paint so that they glowed in the dark and the effect was quite good. Our basketball team beat Royal Roads in a very rough game—if most of those guys pass we should have some good rugby players here next year. Major Brooks was back tonight—he (it has been said) was brought back from Korea and posted to Ottawa.


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