October is Women’s History Month in Canada, a time to celebrate the women and girls from our past, and our present, who are contributing to a better, more inclusive Canada.

In 1992, the Government of Canada designated October as Women’s History Month, marking the beginning of an annual celebration of the outstanding achievements of women and girls throughout Canada’s history.

This year’s theme, Through Her Lens: Celebrating the Diversity of Women, emphasizes the importance of recognizing the achievements and contributions of women from diverse backgrounds. It focuses on the unique perspectives, experiences, and challenges faced by women, including Indigenous women; women from 2SLGBTQI+ communities; women with disabilities; and newcomer, racialized, and migrant women.

Let’s continue to honour women who don’t accept the status quo and fight hard to improve the lives of all women in the country.


Octobre est le Mois de l’histoire des femmes au Canada, le moment de célébrer les femmes et les filles courageuses de notre passé et de notre présent qui contribuent à un Canada meilleur et plus inclusif.

En 1992, le gouvernement du Canada a désigné octobre comme le Mois de l’histoire des femmes, donnant ainsi le coup d’envoi à une célébration annuelle des réalisations exceptionnelles de femmes et de filles tout au long de l’histoire du Canada.

Le thème de cette année, À travers son regard : Célébrons la diversité au féminin, souligne l’importance de reconnaître les réalisations et les contributions de femmes de divers horizons. Il met l’accent sur les perspectives, les expériences et les défis uniques auxquels sont confrontées les femmes, notamment les femmes autochtones, les femmes de la communauté 2ELGBTQI+, les femmes ayant une incapacité et les femmes immigrantes, racisées et nouvellement arrivées.

Continuons d’honorer les femmes au Canada qui n’acceptent pas le statu quo et qui se battent afin d’améliorer la vie de toutes les femmes au pays.

Jade Hong, 4th Year Officer Cadet, Honours Political Science
Future Logistics Officer
‘The pioneering women of both the past and present, their achievements as well as their struggles, are the reasons why I am so grateful to be sharing my perspective this year.
Whether it is combating internalized misogyny or standing up for myself at a place that all young women deserve to be at, I’ve had my own struggles at RMC. We have quite the road ahead of us, but I am proud of how far we have come. Because of this, I know that attitudes towards women and the understanding of gender bias can improve.
As I’m nearing the end of my time at the college, I feel so grateful and fortunate to have met people who inspire others on the significance of being recognized, regardless of rank, position, or gender.’
Sydney Hong, 1st Year Officer Cadet, Sciences
Future Logistics Officer
‘I have spent close to three months at RMC. Although it may seem like a short amount of time, I have learned many lessons that I would not have learned anywhere else. Before joining, I wondered what it would be like to be a member of the CAF. This turned into wondering what it would be like to be a woman in the CAF, and each day I learn more about that answer.
First Year is demanding, but it’s not a challenge because I am a woman. To me, it’s a challenge because of academics, adapting to a new environment, and being away from home. Although it’s not easy, I see it as an accomplishment because it proves that being a woman is never something that holds you back.’

Quynh Vu
4th Year Officer Cadet, Civil Engineering
Future Engineer Officer
‘During my time at the college I have been able to experience a sense of community, this has allowed me to meet great people, form lasting friendships, and take advantage of the many opportunities offered to me as a student at RMC. This October I remember all the women who came before me and made the college what it is today. It is important for us as CAF members to continue to advocate for the women in our community and foster an even more inclusive, supportive, and safe environment for all people regardless of gender.’
« Pendant mon séjour au collège, j’ai pu faire l’expérience d’un sens de la communauté, ce qui m’a permis de rencontrer des gens formidables, de nouer des amitiés durables et de profiter des nombreuses possibilités qui me sont offertes en tant qu’étudiante au CMR. En ce mois d’octobre, je me souviens de toutes les femmes qui m’ont précédée et qui ont fait du collège ce qu’il est aujourd’hui. En tant que membres des FAC, il est important que nous continuions à défendre les femmes de notre communauté et que nous favorisions un environnement encore plus inclusif, favorable et sûr pour toutes les personnes, quel que soit leur sexe. »

Alexandra Novikova
4th Year Officer Cadet, Honours Physics
Future Aerospace Control Officer
‘Throughout my life it has always felt as though women need to be twice as good to get half as far. That it takes exceeding everyone’s expectations just to be seen as valuable, and it’s an experience I think every woman has lived but isn’t certain how to express. Trying to excel in the CAF, an over 80% male-dominated environment, can be exhausting.
I think it’s crucial we foster a supportive environment where we actively embrace the individual experiences and emotions of everyone, to remember we don’t have to be the best at everything, and that we have the right to just be ourselves. Free from the constant burden of exceeding others’ expectations.’
« Tout au long de ma vie, j’ai toujours eu l’impression que les femmes devaient être deux fois meilleures pour aller moitié moins loin. C’est une expérience que toutes les femmes ont vécue, mais qu’elles ne savent pas comment exprimer. Essayer d’exceller dans les FAC, un environnement dominé à plus de 80 % par les hommes, peut s’avérer épuisant.
Je pense qu’il est essentiel de créer un environnement de soutien dans lequel nous acceptons activement les expériences et les émotions de chacun, de nous rappeler que nous ne sommes pas obligées d’être les meilleures en tout et que nous avons le droit d’être nous-mêmes. Libérés du fardeau constant de dépasser les attentes des autres.»



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    Wonderful to hear these perspectives. It makes optimistic for the future of RMC.

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