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” As the 2010 Ex Cadet weekend comes to a close, I want to take this opportunity to thank the very many people who worked so hard to organize and execute all the activities. From start to finish, it was an incredible weekend! Special thanks to the RMC Club and Foundation leadership for their tremendous work and generosity. Through your efforts and close cooperation, the Alumni remain connected and the College continues to receive “Margin of Excellence” support for the Cadets. Special thanks to the outgoing Adjt of the Old Brigade, Al Roberts for his leadership over the past years and welcome to the new Adjt, Gerry Stowe. To the Alumni, I hope that your weekend was enjoyable and that you left with a full sense of confidence that “your College is fine”. We look forward to seeing you back soon. I am particularly thankful to the entire RMC Team for their incredible efforts over the past months in ensuring that the weekend was well planned and professionally executed. And of couse, to the Cadet Wing Commander,Ocdt Whalen and the entire Cadet Wing – Bravo Zulu. I can’t express strongly enough how proud Brenda and I are of you all! Special mention to the Class of 2014. Welcome again to the RMC family and congratulations on your successes over the past month. Well done.

With the weekend now complete, the College moves forward with the next events of the busy year including the quickly approaching mid-terms. I strongly encourage the entire Wing to ‘hit the books’ to ensure you are setting yourself up for success on these exams.

Again – well done to everyone on a great weekend. Brenda and I are immensely honoured to be a part of the RMC family and are looking forward to the rest of the College year ahead.

Yours Aye,

Bill and Brenda Truelove ”


Photos by: 24487 Dan Fleming

Class of 2014 receive their “cap badges”

Major-General Daniel Gosselin, Commander Canadian Defence Academy was the reviewing officer when approximately 160 first-year officer cadets received their RMC insignia known as the “cap badge” from members of the “Old Brigade”, a group of ex-cadets who entered one of the military colleges (RMC, CMR. or RRMC) at least 50 years ago.

The Parade consisted of 13 numbered Squadrons and Otter Squadron plus a Colour Guard, under the Command of the Cadet Wing Commander, 24912 OCdt Jeremy Whalen, from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

The Band was under the command of Officer Cadets and the Cadet Wing Band Officer is 25050 OCdt Evan Heath, from Gordon, Australia.

Accompanying  Major-General Daniel Gosselin on the Reviewing Stand were, RMC Commandant, Commodore Bill Truelove,  the National President of the RMC Club of Canada, 16412 Lt(N) (Ret’d) Gordon Clarke, Foundation President 9660 Capt (Ret’d) Cameron Diggon, and the Adjutant of the Old Brigade 3918 Mr Alexander Roberts.

A fly past commemorating the Naval Centennial. Vintage Wings of Canada proudly presented the “Gray Ghost”.

The FG-1D Corsair fighter is similar to one flown by the last Canadian Victoria Cross recipient, Lt Robert Hampton Gray of the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve.

Special thanks to 15990 LCol (Ret’d) Paul Kissman, and to Vintage Wings founder 6757 Lt(N) (Ret’d) Michael Potter and the pilot 15715 Capt (Ret’d) Francis Belanger for making the fly past possible.

A familiar face was spotted in the crowd. The commandant, Bill Truelove invited former RMC barber (recently retired) Jim Ryan as a VIP. Jim was recognized by the Commandant during the parade and received a rousing applause from the audience many of whom, Ex cadets who had their hair cut by him a number of times going back 44 years.  A class move indeed!

Prizes and Awards

A number of very significant awards were presented during the parade, covering all 4 pillars. We do not have a list of all the winner but we do know that 7 Squadron won the obstacle course and The Captain John Bart Teamwork Award this was presented by 6513 John Bart. The leaders from each flight will be honoured later in October at a special dinner. At that time, each one will receive a Capt John BArt Leadership medal.

The RMC First Year Badging Parade – a Parent’s Perspective

October 2nd 2010 dawned bright and clear without a cloud in the sky. A perfect day for watching a parade! The RMC First Year Badging Parade is a beautiful event, an amazing demonstration of the hard work, determination and training undertaken by the participants. Watching the First Years march onto the parade square in their shiny new Number 4s, contrasting with the stunning Scarlets of the upper year cadets was spectacular. Against the backdrop of a perfect autumn day, it was really a memorable event.

For the Class of 2014 the parade symbolizes their acceptance and entrance into the Royal Military College of Canada. As parents, it symbolizes both an end and a beginning. The beginning of a new phase in the lives of our children, and the start of a lifetime of new experiences and challenges, it also represents the end of their childhood as we knew it. We’ll always be their parents, but they now have a new family – new people in their lives that will teach them, support them when they stumble and champion their success.

Watching the parade was a bittersweet mixture of overwhelming pride, absolute awe and a small hint of melancholy. Our babies are all grown up. They’ve endured and conquered five weeks of the most demanding experiences that we could ever imagine. They’ve successfully completed the Obstacle Course and they have been officially welcomed as Officer Cadets at the Royal Military College of Canada. Now we are letting them go, with our blessings to take on the world!! Congratulations to the parents and families of the class of 2014 for raising such amazing children!


Wall of Honour Ceremony

Three former officer cadets were officially enshrined Saturday afternoon of Reunion Weekend during a classy ceremony which took place at the RMC Wall of Honour.

1032 Lieutenant-General Eedson Louis Millard “Tommy” Burns; 2399 Rear-Admiral Bill Landymore; and 4860 General Alfred John Gardyne Drummond de Chastelain. Wall of Honour Citations

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5877 Ted Davie Recognized for His Work With the Wall of Honour

At the conclusion of this ceremony another surprise presentation was made to 5877 Ted Davie when RMC Club President Gord Clarke presented the Presidents Award for outstanding efforts on behalf of the Club and considered by many to be the heart and soul of the Wall of Honour.

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