IV Years Hobnobbing with College Royalty


Over the Fall Term, IV Year cadets from 1- 5 squadrons have been hosted to a home-cooked lunch by the commandant, BGen & Mrs Joy Meinzinger assisted by the College principal, Dr. Harry Kowal and Mrs Cheryl Kowal. The plan for the second term is to have the remaining squadrons (6 – 12) attend similar luncheons.

At the beginning of the year Joy and Cheryl put a plan together to ensure that each squadron (IV Years) eventually have the opportunity to visit the commandant’s residence in an informal atmosphere.

These type of lunches are a win-win. Cadets have the opportunity to speak with senior leadership in small groups. Discussions have been wide ranging; More than one cadet has mentioned to this writer that they learned more on how senior leaders think and why, at these lunches, than in any formal class they have ever attended. Interesting!

The win for the hosts is that they put names to faces. Joy put it this way; “I really just wanted to get to know some of the cadets so when they graduate I am not starting at blank faces.” The mother of two added, I want to shed a tear like the rest of the mom’s out there.”

Funding for these events are covered through funds donated to the Foundation.


More from the IV Year lunches:

Article submitted by OCdt. Sarabjot Anand, 26288, 2 Sqn CSL is typical of the comments we have received from cadets from  the other four squadrons.

On the 9th of October, the 2 Squadron fourth years were invited to attend lunch at the Commandant’s house. As we entered the house, OCdt. Kingsbury (Aide-de-Camp) was waiting to escort us inside. B.Gen Meinzinger and his wife, Joy personally greeted us and gave us a tour of the house.

Lunch was already prepared for us as we arrived.

After sitting, we discussed various topics including college life, careers in the CF, and the future of the college. It was nice to have a relaxed discussion with the Commandant of the school and see how much he, and his Mrs Meinzinger genuinely care about the cadets at RMC.

It was a great learning experience for all of us, and reminds us how much we will miss this place, that has become our home, when we graduate in May of 2015.

Thanks B.Gen Meinzinger and Mrs Meinzinger for the invite.