Thank you for supporting the Resilience Plus program

Dear Members of the Royal Military Colleges Alumni Association Inc., Thank you indefinitely for your abundant generosity in supporting the Résilience Plus program. Thanks to your support, I’ve had the opportunity to attend and present at the International Society of Military Sciences Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (6-8 November, 2023). In addition, Dr. Chérif and myself…

5586 Ian and Rosemary Mottershead support Italian Battlefield Tour for RMC Naval and Officer Cadets

The people were welcoming, and we are grateful to all that supported our journey, especially the staff, who took the time to research and present informative briefs at each of the locations. Nothing but beautiful memories were created, which we shall especially cherish in our careers moving forward.

RMC Resilence Ambassadors Meet CAF Leaders

On 30 October, Naval and Officer Cadets met with great mentors and learned about resilience. It’s important we help develop resilience in future #CAF leaders, so they can overcome adversity and be stronger, wiser because of it. We are deeply grateful to the officer cadets, staff members, faculty members, and our 14 esteemed guests -many…

31st Annual Women’s History Month

‘The pioneering women of both the past and present, their achievements as well as their struggles, are the reasons why I am so grateful to be sharing my perspective this year.
Whether it is combating internalized misogyny or standing up for myself at a place that all young women deserve to be at, I’ve had my own struggles at RMC. We have quite the road ahead of us, but I am proud of how far we have come. Because of this, I know that attitudes towards women and the understanding of gender bias can improve.
As I’m nearing the end of my time at the college, I feel so grateful and fortunate to have met people who inspire others on the significance of being recognized, regardless of rank, position, or gender.’

RMC commemorates National Indigenous Peoples Day and marks the ILOY Completion Ceremony

“Now, each of you are at a new crossroad, faced with decisions once again. I was delighted to learn that all 9 graduates have chosen to continue on at either RMC, here in Kingston, or at CMR Saint-Jean. I wish you all the very best on your respective journeys, and for those of you here in Kingston, I look forward to get to know you better. And thank you for making the choice to continue to serve. Merci pour votre désir et volonté de continuer à servir notre pays.”

Change of Command for Director of Cadets at RMC

RMC said farewell to Col Paul Lockhart, outgoing Director of Cadets (DCdts). We wish him well on his future adventures! Welcome to Col Cathy Blue as the new DCdts. We look forward to her guidance! #TruthDutyValour CMR a fait ses adieux au Col Paul Lockhart, Directeur des cadets (DCdts) sortant. Nous lui souhaitons bonne chance…

Interview with Research Assistant Mr. Angelo Hollet

We sat down with Mr. Angelo Hollett, RMC Research Assistant to Dr. Gregg Wade to talk stars, astrophysics and all things Astronomy. Tell us about the research you are doing? I am working under the supervision of Gregg Wade on magnetic stars. Specifically, my research focuses on intermediate mass stars (more massive than stars like…

My Experience as an RMC Cadet at the King’s Coronation

I had the chance to meet 21364 Col. Jeremy Hansen, who was in his seldom-used airforce uniform and talked with me about RMC and his future trip around the moon. I also spoke to many of the other dignitaries in the delegation; I thanked the Prime Minister for his announcement of Canadian coronation medals, spoke to some behind-the-scenes staffers, and stumbled upon Mark Critch of 22 Minutes who just happened to be in town. By far the best conversation I had was with the High Commissioner, the Hon. Ralph Goodale, who spoke with me about the coronation and Canada’s meaningful ties to the monarchy. I left the reception overwhelmed with sheer joy of having experienced the day’s events, and I was glad to know the excellent men and women who had experienced it alongside me.

RMC Change of Command

RMC welcomes 19671 Brigadier-General Pascal Godbout (CMR RMC) Class of 1995, who will take command of RMC this Friday June 2, 2023!

126th RMC Convocation

Royal Military College of Canada/ Collège militaire royal du Canada

126th Convocation Thursday, 18 May 2023/126e Collation des grades Jeudi 18 mai 2023

Professor Nicholas Vlachopoulos, Class of 1995, inducted as a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada

This is an extremely prestigious honour bestowed on engineers in Canada as only 20 engineers a year (from across Canada and in all engineering disciplines) are recognized for “their excellence in engineering and their services to the profession and to society.”

RMC Cadet going to the NATO Chess Championship in Slovenia

“I look forward to representing the RMC Chess Club in Slovenia ˗ this will be a great opportunity to meet with NATO members and play chess,” said OCdt Tomas Zaburdyaev from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), upon his qualification for the team along with the new Canadian Military Chess Champion, MCpl Dominic Coulon from Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre, at CFB Borden.