RMC Expedition Club summits Mount Washington

Class of 1962 supports Expedition Club trip to Mount Washington

RMC 126th Convocation Details May 18 and 19 2023

RMC May Convocation Details 2023

Cultural Evolution at RMC – Working at the Speed of Trust

Speculation has also followed the announcement by the Commandant of a program of cultural change or renewal at RMC. This article outlines what culture and cultural ‘evolution’ are and what is underway at the College. Only recently has the name of this process, been revised from ‘cultural change’ to ‘cultural evolution,’ as the latter term best encapsulates its goals.

Neurodiversity: Experimenting with Immersive Virtual Reality

As future officers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Officer Cadets and Naval Cadets are learning to act as leaders, manage members of the CAF and civilians, and relate to citizens from various backgrounds. Considering the prevalence of ASD, it is reasonable to expect that they will have substantial engagement with individuals living with the condition.

Officer Cadet Wins Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

Officer Cadet 29165 Layden Bergerman-Twan has been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for Canada.     Each year there are a total of 11 scholarships that are awarded to students.  Three scholarships available for the Prairie Region, two each for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and one each for British Columbia and Newfoundland. The Rhodes Scholarship…

Holiday Message from the Commandant of RMC

The Holiday season upon us and, with our Naval and Officer Cadets finishing this semester and now undergoing their exams, I realize how exceptional 2022 has been with the return of the entire Cadet Wing to Campus and the long-awaited re-start of in-person learning. Personally, I am immensely grateful to be part of this remarkable…

RMC Students provided with opportunity to see first-hand battlefield sites from First and Second World War

Firstly, it seeks to provide students with a palpable experience of battlefield locations in order to complement their studies and facilitate their academic development.

A weekend of sports for all Paladins Teams

October Marks Women’s History Month

“While we have come a long way since the induction of the first class of women at RMC, I continue to advocate for women’s issues. Not only to honour the inspiring women who came before me, but also to foster an even more inclusive, diverse, and supportive environment for those who come after me.” – Officer Cadet Eloise de Grandpré, Cadet Wing Operations Officer and 4th Year Honours Psychology Student

RMC Welcomes the Class of 2026!

Article shared from the RMC Facebook Page Yesterday, the newly arrived naval and officer cadets of the class of 2026 began their first steps as future leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces. Marching through the Memorial Arch to mark the beginning of their First Year Orientation Program, this ceremony marks their entrance into RMC. The…

A fond farewell to Dr. Harry Kowal, Principal of RMC

BGen (Ret’d) 14458 Dr. Harry Kowal has had a long and successful career in helping to shape the future leaders of the Canadian Armed Forces, and has provided guidance and support to all the academics at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC).

RMC Cadets take a trip down RCAF memory lane

At RMC, it is rare for Air Force cadets to get such a great opportunity to get to learn about the RCAF’s history and heritage. The cadets on the trip enjoyed this short excursion and its focus on local RCAF history; they were and are very appreciative of the opportunity. The RMC Aviation Club intends to conduct similar trips in the upcoming year, and is also planning on offering a longer and more thorough air power history trip in the future. Trips such as these are a small but very effective way to teach cadets about the RCAF by looking back at its history so that they may always remember their heritage and better understand the unique challenges facing RCAF leaders of all ranks.