IV Years from 7 Squadron enjoy the Hospitality at 8 Merritt Drive

OCdt Joseph Sager 26521

8 Squadron article


On January 21st, the fourth years from Wolfe Squadron enjoyed a delicious lunch hosted by the Commandant, the Principal, and their lovely wives. It truly was a nice opportunity to visit the house which we have spent the past 3 and a half years looking at, running past, conducting PT in the fields around, and wondering “what is it like in there?” But more than that, it was an excellent experience to see our most senior officials in a relaxed setting and hear their perspectives on some of the issues both at our college, within our military, and the current issues around the world.

For me, it was nice to have the great family atmosphere injected into a college mostly filled with professional requirements. Our own rooms are not just our rooms; they are our offices, they are a training facility, and they are our personal space. It is hard to feel at home here, yet the lunch with these two families brought to me a sense of being at home at the college.

During the meal, the Commandant and the Principal began discussing their time at the college, and we of course began making comparisons between the experiences of today and from times past. It is always interesting to see the evolution of the college and how changing times affect the focus of training in this institution.

The residence comes with its own unique qualities which made the visit all the more interesting. Mrs Meinzinger (college mom) took the time to show me the fabled bowling alley in the residence. The residence also has a grand piano, and the Meinzingers love to hear it played. Thankfully, Wolfe Sqn was able to provide a skilled pianist, and after the meal, Mr. Spenser Hui was able to entertain us with some excellent tunes. We even saw the rare artifact from the 1980s: The General’s Civic. There was some discussion as to possibility of a fundraiser/barbecue to retire the aging vehicle, but we will have to see if these plans come in to fruition.

Overall, the lunch was a very welcome change of pace from the normal RMCC routine. We are very thankful to the Meinzingers and the Kowals for putting on such an amazing meal, and for their hospitality. The relaxing atmosphere really allowed us to get to know these members of the college team better, and, right down to the home-made carrot cake, helped us to have the feeling of being in the college family.


On Wednesday (11 March), the 4th years of 8 squadron were treated to a delicious lunch at the Cmdt’s residence. While the tacos were delicious, most valuable was a time for the soon-to-be graduates to gain some face-to-face time with both the Cmdt and the Principal and their spouses.

I had the privilege of talking to Dr. Kowal about the upcoming Iron Ring ceremony and about life in the Air Force. It reminded us all that while the grind of midterms never really let up now that our theses are due, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to start thinking about the big picture and our future responsibilities as newly commissioned officers.

NCdt Katherine Silins -26670

These lunches are possible through a generous donation from an Ex Cadet which is administered through the RMC Foundation.