28 Mar 52

The exam timetable is up now so it looks as if they are here at last. It hardly seems like three months since Christmas. This week the third years have been taking over the occasional parade- we really need the practice. Tonight the gymnastic competition was run off; about 11 or 12 guys turned out for it and we had a lot of fun. I surprised myself on the horse by finishing up with a pretty fair long vault and first time I’ve ever done it. Don McKinnon had an unfortunate fall and cracked the back of his head on the floor. He was knocked out for a minute or so and was still feeling dazed at supper. A few days ago they issued the crossed rifles and crossed pistols. It was on the basis of 1st shot in each squadron. Next year five will be given for the five best shots in the college. “A” flight had the two crowns, Don McKinnon for College Marksmen (best rifle) and Joe Ford for College Pistol (best pistol shot).

29 Mar 52

This afternoon Don McK went over and finished up his parallel bar work and won the competition by six points – Gagnon second. The ice is pretty well all gone now except for here in the bay, where it is breaking up fast.