The tragic loss of four of our own has deeply impacted all cadets, ex cadets, staff and others whose lives are connected inexorably to Canada’s Royal Military Colleges.  We will mourn their loss forever.  To the parents above all, we extend our heartfelt condolences and our lasting support through the Resilience Program. Every member of the RMC community understands the permanent ties of comradery that bind us throughout our lives.  As Secretary of the Class of 1978, I can attest that we consciously honour the memory of our fallen classmates at every reunion – lest we forget – and we diligently remain connected with their families who are always included in the various events we hold.  I am sure that the Class of 2022 will do the same to preserve the memories of their brothers in arms.
Truth Duty Valour
Dale J. Robertson,
on behalf of the RMC Class of 1978

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