Isabel Gibson

It all started on Reunion Weekend 2023 at the Friday meet and greet for the Class of 1968 where I was tasked with taking some pictures of the class members and their spouses.  I was waiting for the next few couples to arrive before taking their pictures and I just happened to see a beautiful hand knit scarf draped around an alumni spouse.  I couldn’t help myself and had to know where she purchased it.  I struck up a conversation with Isabel Gibson, spouse of 7826 Ivan Wawryk RRMC RMC 1968, asking for details on the where I could get my hands on a scarf just like hers!

To my surprise Isabel had hand knit the scarf.  It was beautiful!  I asked Isabel if she would knit one for me, and I would pay for her time, or the yarn for her to complete it.  With some back and forth after Reunion Weekend Isabel and I had decided on the colour scheme and out of the goodness of her heart she shipped the scarf to me free of charge! I’ve received so many compliments on the scarf since she sent it to me.

I was shocked this past weekend to receive another package in the mail from Isabel, another scarf with a beautiful fading blue and green pattern.  This was the original colour we had discussed, but she was unable to find the yarn after Reunion Weekend.  I couldn’t believe she remembered and had been on the lookout since October for this yarn to knit me another scarf!

Thank you to Isabel Gibson for her very thoughtful gift.  We have so many talented ex cadets and their spouses. It was such a kind gesture from a wonderful woman. It is always such a pleasure to meet the wonderful spouses we have in our Alumni Community.

Jennifer Jordan

RMC Alumni Association

Fundraising and Marketing Manager


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