Canadian Forces successfully completes mission in Jamaica

“We were privileged to have had this time to strengthen our relationships, through training and experience, with our partners in the Jamaica Defence Force. It’s my hope that we will continue to work together, both in the Caribbean and wherever we may be called upon to serve next.”

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Severely disabled vets kept in the dark about additional benefits: Ombudsman

“The culture of the department was not about serving veterans and it’s still not. It’s rotten,”

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DND: Military’s ‘values’ shape ‘Canada’s identity’

“The problem is that Canadians have an anti-military attitude. We’re not very good about recognizing our military historically, it seems to me, except in wartime. And obviously that rubs this government the wrong way. And obviously it rubs the military the wrong way. And it seems to me quite a good idea to try to enhance the place of the military in society.”

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A bright future

“not being in the know about what is going on in the squadron is a challenge, but I have only been here three weeks and things are getting better”.

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CF join RCMP in training exercise

“First, to bring all of the Regular and Reserve military police in my regiment together for the first time,” he said.

“[Second], to create an exercise where the military police [are outside] their comfort zone and their regular work environment, such as a military base.

“[Third],.. Read the article

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Marc Garneau’s take on extra-terrestrials: ‘There must be life out there’

“I believe that if a civilization is so advanced that it can actually time travel from some other part of the universe and come and look at planet Earth, they are not going to spend their time just sort of orbiting around and looking at us,”

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Search and Rescue: Time is life

“If you’re at your kid’s soccer game, and the beeper goes off, you don’t stay to watch the last ten minutes. You don’t stop to make arrangements for someone else to drive your kid home. You already have a plan in place. When that beeper goes, you’re gone.”

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A Forward officer

“Jenny is one of my best friends and has always been a great sounding board throughout my career. That’s the thing that often gets missed. Deploying overseas is nothing compared to waiting at home and trying to carry on a semblance of order when your life is chaos. I don’t have kids but some of my team do, and it is the strength and fortitude of their wives that hold their households together and allow us to come over here to face the challenges we do unencumbered by worries at home.”

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Canadian navy to introduce drones in new Mediterranean mission

“A UAV provides an excellent capability … to do that surveillance and reconnaissance,”

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