Soldiers ready for Syrian intervention, commander says

16247 Brig.-Gen. Nicholas Eldaoud says soldiers are prepared to deploy, if ordered

World should have intervened in Syria a year ago: Dallaire

“Military intervention under the Responsibility to Protect… was the answer a year plus ago,” he said, “When the fighting in this horrific civil war wasn’t all so inter-meshed in urban areas, that would require hundreds of thousands of troops to do the job that R2P is asking, which is protecting civilians.”   H7860 Lt.-Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire

Soldiers blocked from applying to special forces by commanding officers: documents

Special forces officers raised their concerns in October with then-Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. 12320 Walt Natynczyk, asking him to deal with the problem,

Canadian Armed Forces end annual Northern operation

“Operation Nanook reflects the Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment to a team approach in the North. Exercising alongside our federal, territorial and local partners ensures that we are ready to respond to the security needs of Canadians,” said 12192 General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff.

 The Future of Drones in Canada

Perspectives from a former RCAF fighter pilot – 6541 Major-General D.F. Holman, CD (Ret’d)

Two Canadian warships collide during exercise manoeuvres en route to Hawaii

17793 Commodore Bob Auchterlonie, Commander of Canadian Fleet Pacific, said a Royal Canadian Navy Board of Inquiry would be convened to fully investigate the incident.

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