OCdts. On Parade

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s daring takeover of BCE Inc. rides on the shoulders of one man: Jim Leech. Now, for the unflappable author of the biggest buyout in Canadian history, the real work begins.

7771 James W Leech (RRMC RMC ’68)

Low troop levels behind deadly attack: analyst

Sophistication of deadly Taliban attack concerning: Natynczyk

12320 Walter Natynczyk (RRMC CMR ’79)

Base Gagetown honoured to be given Freedom of the City

13090 Kenneth  Chadder (RMC ’81)

22673 Lieutenant Andrew Paul Finnemore (RMC ‘03), Air force spokesman, said a plan outlining what will be done with the Sperwers once they are removed from service in February or March has not yet been completed. He said two types of new drones will meet the military’s UAV needs. Besides the Heron, the government announced earlier in August that the Canadian Forces will lease a smaller UAV for the next nine months at a cost of $14 million. “We expect the Heron, along with the army’s small UAV, to meet the UAV capability,” Lieut. Finnemore said. “The Heron is just a more efficient airframe and we want to dedicate our personnel’s focus to working exclusively with that airframe.” Lieut. Finnemore said there will be some overlap between the two drones as military personnel make sure the leased Herons are up to the job.

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