F-35 wrong choice for Arctic, retired colonel argues

“How do you get a single-engine, low-range, low-payload, low-manoeuvrability aircraft that is being optimized for close air support . . . to operate effectively in the North?”

8944 Paul JM Maillet Article


My Role in the CFDS: Pumping up the Defence Team

Mr. Cirka contributed to the operational readiness and effectiveness of CF personnel by coordinating physical fitness, sports and recreation programs during the mission closure of Operation ATHENA in Afghanistan, demonstrating “exceptional initiative and dedication to the health and fitness of CF members deployed with the MTTF,”



2529 LGen Chester Hull – A life focussed on “we”

LGen Hull’s military career began in Kingston, Ont., at the Royal Military College, where he rose to become “top” cadet as Battalion Sergeant Major. He and his classmates graduated early in October 1939 to serve in the Second World War. He elected to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).  Article

Life Story: A natural born leader; pilot flew more than 50 types of aircraft during 41-year Air Force career

Chester Hull Funeral, 13Apr12

During the long and distinguished career of 2529 L Gen Chester Hull one of his postings was as Commander of the RCAF’s Air Transport Command in Trenton. Following his retirement he resided in Belleville and was a member of the Trenton Officers’ Mess. At his funeral from the Trenton Base Chapel on 13 April his cremated remains were borne by one pilot from each of the base’s four aviation squadrons. These bearers were: 17156 Capt Danny Jean of 436 (T) Sqn, 20971 Capt Jarrett Feist of 424 (T&R) Sqn, 22847 Capt Sophie (Furnivall) Polwin of 437 (T) Sqn and 24204 Capt Elizabeth Crosier of 429 (T) Sqn.


 19 Air Maintenance Squadron welcomes new honorary colonel

“HCol Marinus is an outstanding, active volunteer, dedicated to service with the local fire department and the community at large,”

22100 Chris Shapka  Article


Warriors add fuel to Torch of Life Relay

19888 Chris Moyle  Article – short video


Troops swoop in to rescue air disaster “casualties”

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Romeo Dallaire says Canada lacks tools and commitment to prevent genocide

“We must not undermine Canada’s heritage by failing to uphold the humanitarian values that we have worked so hard to establish. We need a mass atrocities focal point in the government, an international security minister in the cabinet, or an analogous position with a clear mandate,”

H7860 Romeo Dallaire Article


Sudbury’s Galbraith an athlete for and at all ages

“For me, it’s like eating. It’s in my blood. You know, it’s makes me feel like a whole person. Without it, I’m not well in myself,”

21430 Heather-Rae Beynon Galbraith


General: USMC not giving women infantry jobs

Culture shock a matter of course at West Point



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