Hatley Castle

Things go bump in the night in Hatley Castle

A team from the B.C. Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research into the Supernatural (B.C. SPIRITS) came to Royal Roads University in 2006 to investigate widely told stories of paranormal activity in and around Hatley Castle, once the home of James Dunsmuir and Royal Roads Military College between 1940 and 1995. B.C. SPIRITS uncovered video evidence of what they described as a grey cloud moving quickly up a staircase and several still shots of a shadow behind one of their people and a floating face in the main foyer of the castle.


Blue Indian peafowl (males are called peacocks, females are peahens) live free outside outside Millward Building near Hatley Castle. Albert, the white peacock – a resident since the days of the Royal Roads Military College – died tragically in early January 2003 when he ran into the side of Millward building while fleeing from an unleashed dog. Peacocks were first donated to the Royal Roads Military College in the 1960s by a family in the Okanagan – no one seems to know why Al was not a true albino – he didn’t have red eyes and he was able to sire progeny to carry on his line. However, white
peacocks are considered very rare. No other peacocks have been killed on campus – at least in recent history. Al liked to roost atop the sculpture outside Millward stepped right in front of her family as they posed for a photo with out-of-town visitors.

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