“The First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) at RMC is one of the irreplaceable opportunities offered by RMC. At no other time at the college does a cadet experience the intensity, pressure, adversity, and triumph that are present throughout the month of September. We the staff discovered soon after FYOP began that the demands and responsibility placed on us were herculean. FYOP is by no means simple or easy, but the rewards for both the staff and students are multiple and extraordinary.”

26322 OCdt Alexander Hart, 3 Sqn, D/CFL G Flight



From Dusk to Dawn

26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela – FYOP e-Veritas Correspondent

This week has been busy and exciting for the first year cadets in FYOP! Classes continue as usual with many core subjects such as English, Canadian History and Psychology! As well the first years had an exciting weekend including the Passing of the Square Challenge and Warrior Race! Passing off the Square is an age old tradition where first years face off against the top five Officer Cadets in the school in a battle of college knowledge.

Cadets in pairs must first pass a drill portion to reach one of the top five and then they must not only report correctly, addressing the top five member by name, but also answer the questions posed to them correctly. Then and only then may they leave the parade square and fall in with the rest of their flight.

It was a long four hours but in the end all succeeded and proved their knowledge of the Royal Military College of Canada to be very comprehensive. The first years have passed another test in their long trail to the final Obstacle Course and are ready to hit the next week with all their determination!

RMC Club Introduction


Another interesting briefing the Class of 2017 had on Saturday was with two RMC Club of Canada staff members. Executive Director, Bryan Bailey and e-Veritas Editor Bill Oliver, with the support of four FYOP staff, gave an informative talk on the history of the Club and the benefits for cadets to take out a Club membership.

First years were also told about the many contributions provided by Ex Cadets as individuals and through their particular graduating class.  Just about every activity within the college has the financial support from Ex Cadets with donations they make through the RMC Club / Foundation.

Because of Federal tax regulations in regards to donations – the Club is not permitted by law to provide tax receipts. Consequently, this is done through the RMC Club / Foundation. Ex Cadets, in general, have been very generous to both RMCC and RMC Saint-Jean over the years.

Following the brief well over 100 First Years started the process to take out a lifetime membership through a monthly pay allotment; while eight others preferred to pay the full amount in one lump payment.

With less than two weeks remaining in FYOP, the Class of 2017 – thanks to their dedicated FYOP staff is well prepared to handle the many challenges that still lay ahead.

More FYOP photos from Week three by 26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela

And at the End of the Day, they were all Warriors!

Sunday, September 15th, the first year Officer Cadets   took on the annual Warrior Race challenge and completed a course of 11 obstacles, being judged on adherence to the rules and the speed with which they completed the task. The first years hit it with all their strength and triumphed over each obstacle to finish together at the end of the course. All 12 first year flights took part with their First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) Staff and here are photos that will do the obstacles far more justice then words would!

Warrior Photos By 26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela

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