Deserving Cadets Recognized at Early Morning Parade

Article & Photos by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

On the morning of Friday, March 23rd, the Cadet Wing turned out on the Parade Square to recognize the deserving cadets from the 2012 Winter Intramural season, which ended this past Thursday night with the final play off games. BGen Eric Tremblay, Commandant of RMC, and most of the senior leadership of the College were on hand to pass out trophies and congratulate the winners. The results are as follows.

25885 OCdt (III) Karan Malhan was the winner of the IM Squash competition, which was offered as an optional intramural activity.

25985 OCdt (II) K.F. D’Souza was acknowledged as the best referee for Volleyball.

25930 OCdt (II) Taylor Webber was acknowledged as the best referee for Basketball.

The Most Sportsmanlike Players for each league were:

25765 OCdt (III) Victor Banerjee, Dodgeball

25067 OCdt (IV) Jonathan Campos, Volleyball

25833 OCdt (III) Elise Gammeljord, Basketball

25114 OCdt (IV) Darren Rioux, Ice Hockey Tier A

25884 OCdt (III) Matthew Sukstorf, Ice Hockey Tier B

The Most Valuable Players for each league were:

25038 OCdt (IV) Gervais Morin, Dodgeball

25482 OCdt (IV) Michael Baskey, Volleyball

25123 OCdt (IV) Jamie Brittain, Basketball

25660 OCdt (II) Jean-Francois Richer, Ice Hockey Tier A

26252 OCdt (I) Mitchell MacDougall, Ice Hockey Tier B

The winning teams of the 2012 Winter IM Season were:

The R.R. Bongard Trophy (Dodgeball) went to 13 Sqn for Tier A and 10 Sqn for Tier B.

The General Thimaya Cup (Volleyball) went to 10 Sqn for Tier A and 7 Sqn for Tier B.

The Bexhill Cup (Basketball) went to 4 Sqn for Tier A and 1 Sqn for Tier B.

The Osler Cup (Ice Hockey) went to C Div for Tier A and and for Tier B.

The Most Sportsmanlike Male and Female Players of the Year were:

26361 OCdt (I) Roderick Manderson, and

25833 OCdt (III) Elise Gammeljord 

The Most Valuable Players of the Year, Male and Female, were:

26315 OCdt (I) Jean-Philippe Dubuc, and

26214 OCdt (II) Annie Kerr

BGen Tremblay also took the opportunity to present “450 Club” t-shirts to those cadets who achieved a score of 450 or higher on the recent PPT test. 25937 OCdt (II) Michael Lachance (score of 450), 25628 OCdt (II) Jeremiah Eastwood (score of 452), 25465 OCdt (IV) Michael Roeterink (score of 459), and 25720 OCdt (III) Cindy LaVine (score of 462) all received t-shirts.

Highlights from the final playoff games

IM Final Wrap-up Report

Submitted by: 25742 OCdt. Choi

On Friday morning, 23 March, the Cadet Wing assembled on the parade square for the Winter IM Awards Ceremony.

The awards for best MVPs were given to 26315 OCdt Dubuc and 26214 OCdt. Kerr. The awards for the best MSPs were given to 26361 OCdt. Manderson, and 25833 OCdt. Gammeljord. The best referees of the season were: 25985 OCdt D’Souza (volleyball), and 25930 OCdt. Webber (basketball).

The following cadets achieved a score of 450 or higher on the PPT: 25937 OCdt. Lachance, 25628 OCdt. Eastwood, 25465 OCdt. Roeterink, and 25720 OCdt. Lavine. Congratulations to those outstanding RMC athletes mentioned above!

For the IM squash competition, 25885 OCdt. Malhan came in first place. For volleyball, 10 squadron came in first place in pool A and 7 squadron in pool B. For basketball, 4 squadron came in first place in pool A and 1 squadron in pool B. For ice hockey, C division came in first place in both pools. For dodge ball, 13 squadron came in first place in pool A, and 10 squadron in pool B.

After a long absence from the list of IM sports volleyball made a strong comeback this winter semester, replacing both water polo and handball. Despite reservations voiced by people upset with the change it was one of the sports to fill up the fastest when registration opened in January. Hockey enjoyed its customary success with more people wanting to play than spots available. The basketball season opened and finished with games that were both challenging and sportsmanlike. Dodgeball play was its usual boisterous and aggressive self with every member of each team thrilled each day to go out and play.

Another change instituted in the IM program this fall which continued this winter season is the tier system. The tier system was conceived to ensure the best possible play between teams. Despite enthusiasm and participation, there are always stronger teams and weaker teams which end up playing against each other to the satisfaction of neither side. For the first half of the season your ranking in either tier A or B is based upon last year’s results with the tiers changed at the midpoint of the season to reflect the team’s performance so far.

A big thank you goes out to all the individuals who were refs this year. The players in soccer, water polo, and ball hockey in the fall semester and volleyball and basketball in the winter semester all appreciate the time that you put in to ensure that the games were run on time, fairly and impartially.

Another interesting note is that 13 squadron’s dodgeball team has gone completely undefeated in the past two years of dodgeball IMs – and three years ago they only lost two games and tied one. When asked about the source of their success, one player replied: “we just show up and play – we just have a natural dodgeball enthusiasm.”

This concludes this year’s IM report. Congratulations to all the winning teams and individuals, and thank you for another excellent season of Intramural Sports!

Editor’s Note: The Final Winter Season IM Squadron Standings came in just before press time.

Ranking by SQN

1st Place – 2 Sqn

2nd Place – 10 Sqn

Tied for 3rd Place – 9 & 13 Sqns

Tied for 5th Place – 4 & 5 Sqns

Tied for 7th Place – 8 & 1 Sqns

Tied for 9th Place – 3 & 11 Sqns

11th Place – 7

12th Place – 12

13th Place – 6

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