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What do you know about the Sky Lancers?

Peitzsche & Snyder Wedding;

Reunion Weekend Recap;

  • Out going RMC Club President speaks from the heart;

What’s happening at RMC:

  • Five cadets off to India – World Military Games
  • Two cadets compete @ Petawawa Ironman;
  • Major McLeod Presents “Coin” To Otter I Years;
  • GoENG Girl event 13 Oct /Évènement GÉNIal, les filles le 13 oct 07

Catching Up with the news:

  • HMCS Toronto to the rescue & more

Manitoba & NW Ontario position available

Where are they now?

  • 16905 Clayton CE Smith (RMC ‘89) & Robert Charette;

Ex Cadets In The News

  • Nine Ex Cadets bring honour to CF & Canada;

Flashback – 2007 Reunion Weekend


  • RMC Professor $$$ Winner
  • 10th CDAI Graduate Student Symposium@ RMC 26 / 27 Oct;
  • RMC researchers make the news;

We Get e-mails:

  • Ex cadet running in his third marathon in honor of the Leukemia and Lymphoma survivors;

Extra Innings:

  • Reunion Weekend – Come & Gone.
  • Sports results
  • And much, much more

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