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  • RMC Club Business Luncheon – Tuesday, 23 October;
  • The 2007 Leadership Dinner 23 November;
  • Who is this gentleman – Major Danny McLeod?
  • Catching Up With The News;
  • Where Are They Now:

6440 Tony Goode (CMR RMC ’65);
8919 Ronald RR Halpin (RRMC RMC ‘71);

11588 Jacques Bonaventure (CMR ’73;
11306 Pierre Rivard (RMC ‘77);
11510 Barry GJ Kennedy (RRMC ‘77);
13789 Darren Rich (RRMC ’83);
17315 Mr Glenn G.D. Coltman (RMC ’90);
17525 Wendy W. Weise (RRMC ‘90);
M0547 Major Damian FW O’Keefe CD, PhD (RRMC ‘92);
19972 Malachi M Nordine (RRMC ‘95);

  • Ex Cadets In The News:

22841 Lieutenant Nicolas Forsyth (RMC ‘04);
21381 Captain Lee James Mossop (CMR ‘98);
And many more;

  • Flashback:

Impressions of a Class of ‘61 Old Brigader

  • Misc:

Pourquoi j’ai joint le Club des CMR;
Tournoi de ballon sur glace;

  • Extra Innings

Reunion Weekend – Changes On The Way;

Sports Summary.

And much, much more

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