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What thieves don’t want you ……………Ce qu’il faut savoir sur

to know about identity theft ………………. l’usurpation d’identité

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  • Veritas Magazine in mailbox soon;
  • IV Year cadet put coaches feet to the fire;
  • Ex Cadets in the news;
  • Catching up with the news;
  • Where are they now?;
  • What ever happened to these 4?;
  • RMC’s central place in Canadian Military…;


  • Deaths: S107 HOLBROOK, George William; W2632 GARDNER, Joyce; 2680 FORSYTH, Peter Allan;
  • Who am I;
  • “RMC graduates aren’t just officers they’re nation-builders”;
  • GG from yesterday visits RMC;
  • Sylvain Leblanc prendra sa retraite des FC après de 23 années;
  • L.M. looking for insight about working on the business side of the music industry;
  • Reunion Weekend Creeping Up.

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