Flag Day in Canada

 49th anniversary – February 15, 2014

Caption: 3649 Dave Spooner (standing) and the late 17417 Judge John Matheson This flag was made by Kay Shand at Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute – a local high school – to fly on Feb 15/65. No commercial flags were available. The flag has been preserved and is probably one of the few or the only one that is handmade and flew on Feb 15/65 that is still in existence.

The people involved in preserving the flag were: George Dillon (Lt reserve and cadet instructor at KCVI); Terry Hicks ( Lt Commander Rtd, RCN, math instructor at RMC and KCVI); and 3649 Dave Spooner (RMC 1956 and math head at KCVI).

Before being put under glass, it was signed by Peter Millikan ( Speaker of the House, and Head Boy at KCVI in the 60’s) and Judge John Matheson one of the two designers of the flag.

More photos of the home made 1965 Canadian flag  here.

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“I offer my congratulations to each of the General Officers and Flag Officers who have been selected for promotions and senior appointments. I have every confidence that you will continue to demonstrate your exceptional leadership and professionalism in your new positions. To those of our senior leaders who are moving on, I offer sincere appreciation for your years of dedicated service to Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces. I also thank your families for their support and dedication.”

– General Tom Lawson, Chief of the Defence Staff

The Chief of the Defence Staff announces senior promotions, appointments, and retirements in the Canadian Armed Forces – Click Here for complete list.

Le chef d’état-major de la Défense annonce des promotions, nominations et retraites chez les officiers généraux des Forces armées canadiennes


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