Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs…





Crista Ferguson – Engineering & Technology Division Commander at Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School

Hélène Martel – Co-Owner – Executive Vice President at Première Générale Gatineau – Quebec Division of First General

Connie Maidment – Director of Finance

Natalie Marchesan – Vice President, Procurement at TELUS

Clément Beaumont – Semi-retraité

Garth Loslo – Communication Systems Engineer at DGMPD/PMO/MHP

Dan Downs – Recruiting Officer

Alex Raiche-Marsden – Owner Llama Works Equipment

Nicolas Arseneault – Gestionnaire des opérations logistiques

Liam McKeracher – Project Manager at Naval Learning Support Centre (Pacific)

Scott MacDonald – SVP Operations (System) at Canadian Pacific

Gordon Roy – Program Director of Underwater Warfare and Naval Training Requirements at Department of National Defence

Jim MacKenzie – Director Advanced Programs at L-3 Electronic Systems Services