Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division)

15271 Captain John Marc Comeau, M.S.C., C.D.

As a Canadian Forces Intelligence Command all-source technical analyst from August 2011 to October 2019, Captain Comeau’s constant vigilance and insightfulness enabled the Government of Canada to curtail illicit foreign activities. His exemplary dedication safeguarded Canadian and allied technological and economic interests. His expertise and influence far exceeded his rank level, as he diligently collected evidence to effectively inform ministerial level decisions. Captain Comeau’s professionalism and persistence impacted major foreign military capability development and has brought great honour to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of major and is now retired.


20180 Colonel Éric Laforest, M.S.C., C.D., CMR RMC Class of 1996

From June 2019 to June 2021, Colonel Laforest served with confidence as commander of Task Force Latvia, where he was responsible for force generation and management of nearly 2 000 troops from 9 countries. He successfully and continuously cultivated good relations with the host nation, sending countries and NATO headquarters, despite a series of tactical, operational, strategic and political challenges. Colonel Laforest’s outstanding professionalism significantly enhanced the operational effectiveness of the Task Force, bringing great credit to Canada.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of brigadier-general.


Second Award of a Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division)

E1125 Brigadier-General Paul James Peyton, M.S.M., C.D, RMC Class of 2005

From July 2020 to May 2021, Brigadier-General Peyton served as the director of Strategic Communications for the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation INHERENT RESOLVE in Kuwait and Iraq. He led a multinational team that supported the commander of the international coalition against Daesh, enabling the transition to the final phase of the campaign plan. Brigadier-General Peyton’s exceptional efforts while engaging with the Government of Iraq, the Iraqi Security Forces and the international diplomatic community brought great credit to Canada.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of major-general.


19431 Brigadier-General Michael Charles Wright, M.M.V., M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 1994

From May 2020 to May 2021, Brigadier-General Wright was deployed to the Middle East as commander of Joint Task Force–Impact / Task Force–Central. Charged with overseeing operations IMPACT and FOUNDATION, he brilliantly commanded a 500-member task force distributed throughout Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and within an environment of extreme uncertainty and volatility. Despite these challenges, he delivered concurrent strategic and tactical effects with allies and partners on behalf of Canada.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of major-general.


Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division)

20478 Brigadier-General Christopher Charles Ayotte, O.M.M., M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 1996

From July 2019 to July 2020, Brigadier-General Ayotte was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait as an embedded officer within Combined Joint Task Force–Operation INHERENT RESOLVE. At a time of unprecedented tension within an active conflict zone, he displayed innovative leadership, remarkable strategic acuity, and indomitable poise and composure within this vital United States-led fighting coalition command. Having earned the trust of his coalition commander, Brigadier-General Ayotte made significant and influential contributions to the task force’s efforts, which had a substantial strategic effect and brought great credit to Canada.

The recipient is now retired.


21731 Major Kristina Lee Bois, M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 2000

From 2018 to 2020, Major Bois served as chief of network operations within Director General Information Management Operations in Ottawa, Ontario. While leading operational support for the global communication and information system infrastructure, she galvanized numerous and diverse teams consisting of both internal and external stakeholders. Her contributions in this role led to innovative solutions and the modernization of several processes and procedures. By ensuring support for critical operations and ushering in a new era of technological innovation, Major Bois set a standard of excellence far beyond expectations.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and is now retired.


21737 Commander Jeffrey William Dargavel, M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 2000

From July to December 2020, Commander Dargavel displayed outstanding leadership, initiative and professionalism as the commanding officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Toronto. During operations in the Baltic, Norwegian and North seas in support of NATO assurance measures, HMCS Toronto became the first Canadian frigate to successfully execute an expeditionary deployment during a global pandemic. Commander Dargavel’s remarkable efforts and tactical acumen directly contributed to mission success and Canada’s strong standing among its NATO allies.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of captain(N).


23057 Major Jamie Donald David Green, M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 2005

Major Green was the driving force behind the creation and leadership of a combined, joint and inter-agency intelligence architecture devoted to an operation. Despite initial resource and access limitations, he swiftly established inter-agency and allied networks, as well as developed innovative intelligence workflows and procedures, thus resulting in the creation of a sophisticated intelligence framework. Major Green’s efforts delivered critical understanding that will endure beyond the immediate need and will be of great benefit to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and is now retired.


21893 Lieutenant-Colonel Sarah Anne Heer, M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 2001

As the commander of Joint Task Force-Ukraine from September 2020 to April 2021, Lieutenant-Colonel Heer displayed exceptional leadership and strategic decision making in overcoming myriad challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. She provided the necessary focus to resume and maintain all operations in Ukraine and completed a mission restructure to more efficiently meet the operational requirements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Lieutenant-Colonel Heer’s outstanding professionalism and execution of this vital mission in difficult circumstances reflected positively on Canada.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of colonel.


21237 Colonel David Joseph Glenn Holmes, M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 1998

Colonel Holmes has been employed as the Director of Continental Operations within the Canadian Joint Operations Command Headquarters since July 2020. In this role, he has demonstrated remarkable leadership, acumen and personal resolve while planning and supporting Canadians across the entire country who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of numerous natural disasters. Colonel Holmes’ untiring dedication and tremendous efforts have helped save lives and reduce suffering, bringing great credit to Canada.


24020 Major Duncan James Irwin, M.S.M., C.D

Since September 2018, Major Irwin has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication as the Latvian Mechanized Infantry Brigade deputy signals officer. A champion for progress, he has vastly improved signals as well as command and control capabilities. He also facilitated the creation of structures and procedures that have made the Latvian National Armed Forces more capable, resilient and effective. Major Irwin’s remarkable professionalism and technical acumen have had a significant impact on mission success and have brought great credit to the Canadian Armed Forces.


20909 Lieutenant-Colonel Cory Steven Kwasny, M.S.M., C.D., RRMC RMC Class of 1997

Lieutenant-Colonel Kwasny demonstrated exceptional compassion and empathy as the commanding officer of the 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron following the tragic loss of six crew members on board the Cyclone helicopter Stalker 22, on April 29, 2020. Under the most challenging of circumstances, he honoured the service of the fallen, and supported their families and fellow squadron members during this difficult time. His professionalism and focus throughout this period, all while re-establishing a critical Maritime Helicopter capability, brought credit to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of colonel.


21113 Lieutenant-Commander Jean Alexandre Lebel, M.S.M., C.D., CMR RMC Class of 1998

Assigned to Tampa, Florida, Lieutenant-Commander Lebel excelled as Canadian intelligence liaison officer to the United States Central Command from July 2018 to June 2020. With an unwavering dedication to the dissemination, synchronization and fusion of intelligence, he was instrumental in establishing Canadian intelligence as a reliable and integral component of the Five Eyes intelligence community. Lieutenant-Commander Lebel’s outstanding performance ensured the mission’s success and had a positive and lasting impact on Canada-US relations.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of commander.


20514 Lieutenant-Colonel Keith Alan Reichert, M.S.M., C.D., RRMC RMC Class of 1996

From January to July 2020, Lieutenant-Colonel Reichert served brilliantly as the Strategic Joint Staff legal advisor during the Canadian government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Canadian Armed Forces assisted with the repatriation of Canadians abroad and supported civil authorities helping the vulnerable at home, Lieutenant-Colonel Reichert worked tirelessly, anticipating and resolving myriad operational legal issues. His dedication, skill and outstanding collaboration with legal and operational colleagues in various departments contributed significantly to mission success.


20853 Commander Michael Wayne Stefanson, M.S.M., C.D., RMC Class of 1997

From September to December 2020, Commander Stefanson was deployed to the Asia-Pacific region as commanding officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Winnipeg. He displayed exceptional leadership and professionalism while leading the first West Coast warship to deploy under the arduous conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Commander Stefanson’s exemplary poise and dedication in unprecedented times were instrumental in Winnipeg’s notable contribution to the multinational Enforcement Coordination Cell and to overall mission success, which greatly enhanced Canada’s reputation abroad.

The recipient has since been promoted to the rank of captain(N).


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