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Formation of Traditions Advisory Group

Kingston Branch President, 4459 Ed Murray has developed the following Branch initiative:


In communication with the Commandant, Ed expressed the following thoughts which were positively received:
“It is the desire of the members of the Kingston Branch of the Ex cadet Clubs to support the College to the best of its ability. This year the Branch has taken on upgrading the condition of the historical cadet files, over 700 of which have now been processed. I now wish to propose that the Kingston Branch become an active resource for you of RMC tradition and history.
The turnover of College personnel makes maintaining a detailed knowledge of how things have been done in the past, or why they are done in a certain manner, difficult. Our membership embodies a wealth of knowledge of the past, including four past Commandants, two past Directors of Cadets and a past President of the Ex Cadet Clubs. The Branch membership has the talent respond to requests from the College for research into the historical roots of certain events and thus provide background for the customs of the College. The Branch could also, on its own, carry out research on College traditions and publish the results, thus making tradition more relevant to the younger generations of cadets and staff. The outcome of such activity would at the very least enrich the College through a better understanding its history.”


3521 Charlie Simonds has accepted temporary chairmanship of the group, and his tasks are:
• To recruit members to participate in this work
• To develop operating guidelines and terms of reference to be approved by the Branch Executive
• To develop a short list of College traditions which may be on the “endangered” list


Anyone interested in this program should contact Charlie at:
dacherst@kingston.net or (613)353-7019

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