Caption: Pictured are 10 RMCC cadets that earned the unofficial title “warrior” when they competed at the 50 km 2 CMBG Ironman Competition last week at Garrison Petawawa. (left to right): <back row> OCdt Gorman, OCdt Cherry, OCdt Humeniuk, <middle row> OCdt Hewitt, NCdt Thow, NCdt Golding, OCdt Beaulieu (Team Captain), <front row> OCdt Wiesenberg, OCdt Lizée, OCdt Jobin

Cadets Pull Off Impressive Results at Petawawa Ironman

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Ten very fit and brave RMCC cadets took the challenge of a gut check by competing at the 2014 Petawawa Ironman.

The 50 km 2 CMBG Ironman Competition was held at Garrison Petawawa last Wednesday morning – 10 Sep. Participants (warriors) began with a 32 km hike with 40-lb rucksack followed by a 4 km portage with a canoe and rucksack, an 8 km paddle on the Ottawa River and a final 6 km march back to the finish line.

CFB Petawawa has been hosting this event for over 30 years.

This year 219 competitors – including officers, other ranks and officer cadets from Petawawa, Kingston and beyond put themselves to the test. Five RMCC cadets were amongst the first 25 to finish.

In the team event category which were ranked by the average time for each team’s top seven competitors; RMCC finished a very impressive fourth out of the 12 teams competing. A very proud, C.O. ( DCdt), LCol Mark Popov added:   “All our competitors finished the race, and all came in the top 100 finishers of more than 200.”

These 10 officer cadets, in fact , all of the CAF competitors who competed demonstrated that they are physically tough and mentally tough to complete such an extreme endurance race.

Very well done to all involved.

Petawawa Iron Man Event – Results

Petawawa Iron Man Event – Results


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Sat 13 Sep RMC 0 @ Queen’s 45 no box score available at press time

(M) Soccer:

Sat 13 Sep RMC 1 @ UOIT – 2 Box Score

Sun 14 Sep RMC 0 @ Trent – 0 Box Score (Confusing result on the OUA web page – one place shows 0-0; another spot 1-0 for Trent. Will follow-up ASAP.

(W) Soccer:

Sat 13 Sep RMC 0 @ UOIT – 8 Box Score

Sun14 Sep RMC 0 @ Trent -2 Box Score


Frid – 12 Sep McGill 4 – RMC 3 (exhibition)

Sat    13 Sep Queen’s 7  – RMC 0  (exhibition)

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Harrier Race Awards

Article by: Kristin Miller – Recreation and Intramural Coordinator

On Wednesday 10 September, the Cadet Wing gathered on the Parade Square to recognize the top runners in the 2014 Harrier Race. The ceremony was led by CWSRO OCdt Pym and medals were presented by DCdts.

(Photo left – LCol Popov presenting the award to top male runner – NCdt Reid. click on photo for better viewing) Photo by: OCdt Ali Mansour 26851

Finishing in third place for females was OCdt Boily from 2 Sqn with a time of 0:24:04. In second place for females was OCdt Gauvin from 3 Sqn with time of 0:23:33. Finishing in first place for females with a time of 0:22:42 was OCdt MaCdonald from 12 Sqn! Finishing in third place for males was OCdt Vadala from 10 Sqn with a time of 0:17:28. In second place for males was OCdt Lacasse from 3 Sqn with a time of 0:17:27. Finishing in first place for males, for the third consecutive year was NCdt Reid from 8 Sqn with a time of 0:17:13.

Each Squadron was also ranked based on their average time to run the race. In third place with an average time of 0:22:32 was 2 Squadron. In second place with an average time of 0:22:11 was 12 Squadron.

This year’s Harrier Race winners were 7 Squadron with an average time of 0:21:59! Congratulations to the entire Cadet Wing for a successful annual Harrier Race.