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“I just came back from Afghanistan and it’s not a secure country,” he says. “We really have to still focus on the training of being able to defeat an enemy in location. That needs to be extremely well conducted.”

14596 Dean Milner (RRMC RMC ’84)

“We’re very good at what we do, we’ve always thought that, but it seems that in the last couple of years we have had the opportunities to prove it to ourselves and our allies,”

17293 Adam Barsby (RMC ’90)

“It was my first real scramble. I just followed my lead (commander) who really did all the work. Once we got up there, all I could think of was ‘I need my gas!’ With so much air space in the Arctic, and because we burn gas so fast when we’re fully loaded, we needed to get gas from an airborne tanker.”

21955 Riel Erickson (RMC ’01)

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“Canada has to be careful because people want to separate from Canada,” Chretien told reporters from Ottawa’s Rideau Hall on Friday.

“Because we are, in the eyes of the Taliban, in a window of extreme vulnerability. And the longer we go without that clarity, with the issue in doubt, the more the Taliban will target us as a perceived weak link,” Gen. Hillier told the Conference of Defence Associations.

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