The Royal Military Colleges of Canada Alumni Association was proud to sponsor the 2023 Vimy Gala held on 8 November 2023.

The Vimy Gala promotes a sense of national pride, unity, and gratitude for the contributions and sacrifices of our military personnel. These are values that we share.

RMC Alumni Association Board Members George Lundy (with spouse Lina Mattei), Francois Bureau, and Scott Stevenson with fellow Alumni  Christyn Cianfarani, and France Hébert and two Officer Cadets from RMC.

The Alumni Association’s participation in the Vimy Gala is part of our commitment to preserving and honouring the legacy of our Veterans and current and future Armed Forces members, most of whom are our members.

Two industry leaders who were in 5 Squadron at RMC. France (right) is Class of ‘92, Christyn (left) is Class of ‘95

We congratulate this year’s Vimy Gala winner, Jacqueline O’Neill, Canada’s first Ambassador for Women, Peace, and Security.  Her diplomatic skills, operational experience, and ability to form personal connections influence collaboration even in the most challenging and contested spaces. Her work to advise on integrating gender perspectives and increase women’s participation in peace and security efforts contributes significantly to bridging the divide between government and those worldwide on the frontlines of conflict and insecurity. Her dedication to Canada’s defence and security is truly inspiring, and we applaud her outstanding achievements.  A copy of her transcribed speech can be found here.  A video of her speech is available below.

Class of 1988 mini-reunion of three Royal Roadents and spouses: France Hébert RMC ‘92, Scott Stevenson RRMC ‘88, Jacqueline O’Neill Vimy Award Laureate, Peter Dimitroff RRMC/RMC ‘88, Jennifer Eyre, General Wayne Eyre RRMC/RMC ‘88

We also want to acknowledge the efforts of the Vimy Gala team for organizing a spectacular event that beautifully encapsulated the spirit of unity and the significance of the contributions and sacrifices of our military personnel. Kudos to you all for your hard work and commitment!

I wish to convey our gratitude for the generosity from the RMC Alumni Association for sponsoring the tickets for the Vimy Gala event. The experience to the OCdts/NCdts of RMC was extraordinary and allowed for an opportunity of fostering connections between the undergraduates and the alumni.  Hopefully in the coming years, this can be a recurring experience for well deserving individuals and can acts as a bridge to increase alumni membership, building relationships for mentorship and camaraderie. Warrant Officer / Adjudant   Chris Plaza, CD, 5 Squadron NCO, Royal Military College of Canada

Our team was honoured to be a part of this memorable occasion and to stand alongside fellow supporters of Canada’s defence and security community.

Nancy Marr, CEO

Royal Military Colleges of Canada Alumni Association


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