A lot more fun talking to cadets than doing a flyover


The 812 Hanover Squadron “Bucks Crossing” Royal Canadian Air Cadets had its 43rd annual review parade on June 6 at the Saugeen Municipal Airport in front of a lot of proud friends, family, fellow cadets, dignitaries and their commanding officers.

Special guest reviewing officer for the day was Hanover’s own and one time cadet Captain Adam “Manik” Runge. Runge is currently with the 410 ‘Cougars’ Tactical Fighter Squadron 4 Wing out of CFB Cold Lake, Alberta.

Captain Runge is now training Canada’s next generation of fighter pilots. Runge has logged over 1200 hours in high performance military jets, of which 900 hours is on the CF18, including 100 hours in a combat zone.

Runge said it was an honour to be able to come back and be the reviewing officer for the cadet squadron that he used to be a part of.

“It was a great opportunity for me to come back and more importantly this night is about seeing what the cadets are doing and what they are capable of,” said Runge. “It’s also important to be able to show the cadets that what they are doing can lead to a career. It’s not the only thing they can do, but it’s an opportunity. We’ve also had people go on to be lawyers, doctors, accountants. A night like this gives the cadets and inspiration that there is something out there they can accomplish.”

Runge said the cadets should be proud in what they have done in their squadron and what they will do in the future.

“I did a flyover last year, but I had a lot more fun this year, being here on the ground, actually getting to converse with the cadets. A lot of the cadets will be going off to camp this year, and you can see the excitement in their eyes and how proud they are of what they are doing and what they will go off and do,” said Runge. “I don’t get back home a whole lot, but to come back and be able to be a part of this ceremony was an honour.”