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4 seasons on the peninsula –

Chronicle list of various major & minor events at RMCC during 2015:


  • The New Year’s Levee was held at the SSM on 8 Jan;
  • The news concerning the passing of H2951 Gen Ramsey Withers (ret) and major art and funding contributor H7076 John van Haastrecht was sadly received.  The College was engaged in offering support to the family and the funeral services in order to pay proper College respects.
  • The West Point exchange saw approximately 100 RMCC Cadets and Staff travelling to West Point with approximately 85 West Point’s Cadets and Staff reciprocating.
  • On 28 Jan; RMCC hosted the Ambassador of Korea for his presentation as part of the Class of ’58 Lecture series to the 4th year class on the Strategic Partnership between Korea and Canada for the 21st Century.
  • The “drop-in” by Prime Minister Harper to watch the Queen’s vs RMCC Volleyball game Friday night was a nice surprise.
  • DAth, Darren Cates, named Chef de Mission for the Winter University Games in Granada, Spain;
  • Queen’s University Golden Gaels defeated the RMCC Paladins in the annual Carr-Harris Cup Hockey Game at the K-ROCK Center;



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  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, 14872 the Honourable Pierre Lemieux  joined  in the 50th anniversary celebration of Flag Day as the government representative at RMCC.
  • The clear, crisp, sunny morning beautifully framed the ceremony as the college crowd was provided the context for the adoption of our current flag by professor emeritus, S124 Dr. R.G. Haycock.  Attendees and dignitaries, including the flag designer’s Stanley and Matheson family members, were treated to a re-enactment of fifty years ago on RMCC’s own parade square.  The old Red Ensign briefly flew and was lowered and replaced with our new National Flag.
  • A contingent of 20 RMCC OCdt’s has embarked on a Battlefield Tour of WWI and WWII battle sites all around France; an experience that will bring real meaning and context to their chosen career as Canadian Military Officers and ensure they see our flag in a new light.
  • A group of Cadets returned from their Model NATO competition at Howard University in Washington D.C.  Two members of the RMCC Model NATO team finished with Honourable Mentions for their performances in the Committee Sessions;
  • RMCC welcomed Col. Susman, Israel’s defence attaché to Canada. It was an excellent engagement that allowed both RMCC and CDA to relate how we approach Military Education in Canada.
  • The CAF 14429 Chaplain General, BGen John Fletcher paid a visit to the College.  His engagement with the Cadets and with the military community in Kingston was heartening; RMCC has always appreciated the unique support the Chaplaincy has given the College;
  • The commandant was delighted to hear the news that RMCC’s Junior Engineering team achieved second place in the Canadian National Engineering Competition in St. John’s, Nfld, a significant accomplishment that brings great credit to RMCC’s Engineering Programs;
  • A full weekend of activities at the College saw an entertaining Cadet Talent Show, an excellent Concert in Scarlets performed in a sold out Currie Hall raising money for the United Way, and a long awaited Iron Ring Ceremony for excited IV year engineers;

  • RMCC had the honour of hosting the Afghanistan Memorial Vigil in Currie Hall, the final stop for the vigil prior to permanent installment in Ottawa;
  • RMCC was similarly honored to welcome Memorial Cross widow Ms. D’arcy Mitton and her daughter as they laid a wreath in memoriam.
  • RMCC played host this week to a number of university teams who were participating in RMCC’s Model UN competition. It turned out to be an  intriguing event, with a number of relevant international security issues debated in a spirited fashion;
  • The announcement of the NPF CAF Woman of the Year award recipient Ms Kara Mazerolle from the Athletic Department was great news;
  • The commandant, 16888 BGen Al Meinzinger participated in the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Annual Hockey Tournament, representing the staff.  Despite some ‘beneficial’ refereeing, the Staff team was handily defeated by the talented 3rd Year students;

  • The MOC weekend was a huge success.  To witness the military displays of our three elements and the passion that their operating personnel display towards our Cadets, it proved to be a great experience for all involved.  Of course, having a CH-147 Chinook land on our parade square with expert precision, bringing both the Comd RCN and the Comd RCAF to RMCC is something that was very special to see;
  • The CDS, 12192 General Tom Lawson as paid a visit to RMCC on 1 April (birthday of the RCAF).  A surprise for the Cadets, he met and trained with the Sandhurst Competition Team, had lunch with some  cadets, and attended the 4th Year Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project Presentation;
  • The CDA Strategic Planning Session in Cornwall last week was an excellent venue to bring the Formation together to exchange information and chart a common operating picture to move forward;
  • Sandhurst Competition was a compelling show of Canadian Military skills.  The effort and aptitude displayed by our team was impressive, even with the added honour and burden of being the first team to embark on the competition;
  • The commandant attended the CAF Defence Leadership Symposium in Ottawa, receiving an appreciation of the current issues and challenges facing the CAF/DND. The week concluded with two productive days with RCAF senior leadership at Air Board;
  • It was great to receive glowing reports concerning the contribution made by the College Pipes and Drums team during the Royal Roads 75th anniversary celebration;
  • The RMCC sailing team competed at Livorno Italy in the Trofeo Accademia Navale (TAN) Regatta. The competition was intense as they competed against 23 countries in 4 days of grueling racing;


  • Copper Sunday:  A beautiful day marked with sharp Cadet drill and a wonderful speech by Kingston’s Mayor, Bryan Paterson, it was great to watch a sea of Scarlet uniforms scatter about town to support the City of Kingston and bring awareness to RMCC;
  • RMCC Naval Cadets also participated in another important ceremony, the 70th anniversary of the longest battle of WWII, the Battle of the Atlantic.  This year, the BoA commemoration included the reveal of a new Naval Memorial plaque, a march pass by scarlet clad Naval Cadets, and the firing of a naval gun with the help of RMCC Cadets;
  • The initial stages of turnover to the Commandant Designate, BGen Sean Friday took place in Ottawa;
  • The Change of Appointment, Director of Support Services took place.  RMCC thanks 18550 Major Todd Anstey for his service in the last year and congratulates him on his pending promotion, and welcomes 20041 LCol Corey Crosby to the College Team.
  • The tragic death of II Year, Officer Cadet 26999 Sage Fanstone was announced 7 May;
  • The Cadets and Staff properly balanced their grief and condolences concerning the sudden death of OCdt Sage Fanstone while soldiering on with the Grad 2015 preparations.  The College Team reacted quickly to ensure the family and members received the right care and support during this difficult period;
  • The staff provided Commandant designate 16855 BGen Sean Friday with turnover briefings;
  • Convocation with His Excellency the Governor General and the MND simultaneously on the Campus was especially noteworthy, and the HEGG distinguishing flag flying from the Clock Tower was a symbol for all to see;
  • The well-crafted speeches by both the HEGG and MND were inspirational for Cadets, other graduates, serving members of the College Team and those from the general public in attendance;
  • The Sunset Ceremony was executed with precision to a standing room only crowd.
  • Commissioning parade was flawless and lead by the CF-18’s flypast precisely at 1000.  The CDS’ address and Service Chief’s attendance at the Commissioning Parade further welcomed the newly Commissioned Officers into the Profession of Arms and their charge to lead with distinction.  As newly Commissioned Officer’s their final March through the Arch and their exhilaration at the Grad Ball;

This year was chiefly notable for the change in Commandants at the College. An important event of that kind not only reduces the number of other changes during the period of transition, but also dwarfs their significance.

Outgoing commandant, MGen Al Meinzinger – Class of 1989 who was promoted to that rank just prior to the graduation parade had held the appointment for two years. He was posted to Ottawa – as Deputy Commander, RCAF.

Of course, with the departure of MGen Meinzinger his better-half, fondly known within the Cadet Wing as “Mama Meinzinger” was off to Ottawa too.

BGen Sean Friday became the 46th commandant in May. His most recent staff appointments included Director General Air Readiness and acting Deputy Commander RCAF.

Even before the new commandant could complete his move into the big office in Mackenzie building he had a near serious incident on Hi-way 401. During his first commute from Ottawa to Kingston, BGen Friday was involved with a deer not following the rules of the road, but no injuries except for some vehicle alterations;

Commandant met with senior members of the Kingston business and academic community over a working breakfast with the Principal;

The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference visiting RMCC is a notable honour for the College;

The College welcomed the visit of the Bangladeshi Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST).  The delegation was met with proper ceremonial Quarter-guard and Piper, and expertly hosted by the Academic Wing;

  • Cadets also performed casket party duties with solemn precision during the funeral of OCdt Fanstone in Langley BC with DCdts, 19994 LCol Popov in attendance;
  • The carefully selected members of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference were greeted at the College with an immediate pairing with a Cadet upon arrival, and judging by the noise level of conversation during the early Sunday morning breakfast both parties were not shy quickly discussing the topic of “Leadership and Innovation”;
  • The College celebrated 139 years on the 01 June;
  • The week-long ALOY Ex Eagle Quest canoe expedition was completed on time although the foul weather towards the end was an additional challenge that was easily overcome;
  • The college hosted the  Armed Forces Council for their deliberations on 12 Jun.  The excellent engagement by the RMCC Board of Governors and the guidance provided by Armed Forces Council was greatly appreciated;
  • Key staff members provided College awareness to the “Captains of Industry” – thirty-seven selected civilians from Toronto, who briefly dropped by the College enroute to CFB Petawawa as part of Ex BOLD SUSTAINER;
  • The College marked the occasion of language centre Professor Madame Cormier’s retirement after 32 years of service;
  • The ALOY Completion Ceremony took place with the Chief of the Army, LGen Hainse, in his role as CAF/DND Aboriginal champion as reviewing officer;
  • The commandant attended the Academic Wing’s Strategic Planning Session on 22 Jun 15 to provide guidance and expectations concerning the next academic year;
  • The visit of Commander MILPERSGEN was most welcomed as it provided Staff and Faculty with detailed information first hand concerning key changes to the formation and command;
  • The courtesy visit by Col Bohn, the Commander German Forces Command CAN/US, furthered the cordial relationship RMCC has with Germany;
  • The SSM held a sold-out Canada Day family festivity which was followed by the City of Kingston’s fireworks display launched from Point Frederick;
  • Commandant had a very pleasant office call from MPP Sophie Kiwala, met with the RMC Club Kingston Branch prior to their monthly luncheon, and hosted the President and Executive Director of CDAI to begin coordinating this year’s PG symposium in October;
  • HMCS Ontario arrived in full force with approximately 700 sea cadets and staff now operating on the peninsula;
  • Commandant attended the RCAF change of command ceremony and participated in the RMC Club Ottawa Branch – Annual Golf Tournament;
  • The tragic loss of US Marines in Chatanooga has re-focused the College Team on the physical security of the RMCC Campus and the role everyone plays in maintaining and environment of safety and security.  The College quickly instituted ID verification at the Main Gate, and in conjunction with the Base, seams and gaps in the fence line were secured;
  • RMCC welcomed the latest contingent of the Army Technical Staff Officer and Army Technical Warrant Officer Students who arrived to commence their courses;
  • Ms Rose Wright retired from the SSM after 25 years of service to DND;
  • The College will be enhancing Force Protection Levels over the next weeks which will remind the Team and Cadets of the need to remain vigilant;
  • HMCS ONTARIO Sea Cadet Camp has commenced winding down its operations and striking down its facilities in preparation for departure.  The sounds of excellent drill and band tunes, and a Navy Bay filled with sailing activities leads to the conclusion that it was another successful summer camp season; congratulations is extended to Commander Rodney Turcotte and his team;


  • College is in all respects focused on greeting the arriving and returning OCdts/NCdts, Staff, and Faculty to commence the Academic Year, with the near priority being FYOP preparations;
  • Great to see the new ALOY recruits arrive at the College, especially knowing what adventures lie ahead for them as they commence the programme;
  • Commandant spoke with and stated his intentions to the Training Wing Staff during their yearly training session; 
  • Commandant delivered his welcoming remarks and initial guidance to the full team and especially noting the Op HONOUR and Not in my CAF campaign, and the visit of LGen Whitecross next week.  The max capacity turnout in Currie Hall and the simulcast to other spaces, and the cheerful interactive atmosphere at the BBQ showed that the Staff is happy to be back;
  • Cadets have returned from summer training and leave and the College is once again buzzing with activity and energy;
  • The Town Hall by LGen Whitecross on Sexual Misconduct and the ensuing question period was a superb opportunity to reinforce the importance of Op HONOUR with all members of the College Defence Team;
  • Commandant visited the Massey Library, AMS and CIS sections, addressed the Faculty Board, and was briefed on the upcoming weekend filled with activities such as the Harrier Race, FYOP Regatta, Sports Day and RECSPO;

A Memorial Service was held in Currie Hall for 3173 MGen John Stewart (ret), 30th RMCC Commandant;

The Cadet Wing Harrier 5km road race went off in exuberant fashion early on a very wet Saturday morning;

Both Civilian and Military new Post Grad Students are now within College lines and are adding to the ever growing buzz within the College;

  • The Commandant’s Garden Party at the residence was a fun and casual affair, providing the opportunity for Kingston officials, staff, faculty, and Senior Barslate members to interact prior to Reunion Weekend;
  • The efforts of the entire College Team (including RMC Club & Foundation staffs) in orchestrating and synchronizing a very dynamic Reunion Weekend of activities was a source of pride for the college leadership.  All activities: Legacy Dinner, Obstacle Course, Badging Parade, the inspiring Wall of Honour induction ceremony speech by H7860 Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire (ret), the Red and White Sports Challenge, and class reunions were executed in a proper military manner with extremely positive feedback from all constituencies;
  • The RMCC team present at the Ontario Universities Fair, comprised of Faculty, Staff and Cadets, performed admirably throughout the weekend that saw over 130,000 people attend;
  • The College Chief Warrant Officer, Chief Petty Officer First Class Keith Davidson, was selected to be part of the CISM team at the International Sailing Competition in South Korea;
  • Commandant continued his further awareness of the College through visits to the French Department, Management and Economics Department, and the War Studies programme in Calvary House;
  • An Honours and Recognition ceremony was convened, which provided a welcomed opportunity to recognize and celebrate the dedication and service of select members of the College team;
  • BGen Friday attended practices with the varsity Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams and the (M) Rugby Team;
  • Commandant visited the Physics Department and got to see first-hand the quality work the Physics Department does to support under-graduate and graduate students He was briefed on many projects and ongoing studies; including the budding observatory which is being re-established on the Roof of Sawyer Building and RMCC’s contribution to the CanX7 Satellite Mission;
  • The RMCC Band Pipes and Drums travelled to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis for a Band Exchange;
  • RMCC hosted both the RMCC Fencing Invitational and the CICSA National Sailing Regatta on the same weekend, while the Rowing team travelled to the US for the “Head of the Fish” regatta;
  • Change of Command Ceremony for DCdts took place – 19401 LCol Renahan replaced LCol Popov;
  • BGen Friday and a Training Wing / Cadet Wing contingent attended the “Women in Defense and Security” (WiDS) 10th anniversary reception;
  • The Men’s Rugby team finished the regular OUA schedule with two thrilling victories; in a sudden death playoff they lost a close match against McMaster University;
  • The commandant, CCWO along with 6 of RMCC’s finest Cadets attended the True Patriot Love Dinner in Toronto;
  • BGen Friday had the opportunity to tour the Chemical engineering Department and see first-hand the quality work being done by the operators of the SLOWPOKE Nuclear reactor and the brand new Scanning Electron Microscope;

Many College Team members were engaged in a number of activities associated with Remembrance Day. Including – attending the Military Appreciation night at the K-ROC center for the Kingston Frontenacs, the Day of Remembrance Ceremony at the Catarqui Cemetary, and primarily RMCC’s Memorial Arch Remembrance Day Ceremony.  This was in addition to many other Remembrance Day ceremonies across Ontario and beyond;

The annual commandant inspection of the Cadet Wing took place and allowed the first year commandant   to see how the Cadet Wing and Bar Slate has done so far this semester in dress and deportment;

  • A demanding and jam-packed week at RMCC!  Intramurals at the College concluded with most sports going into playoffs; inter-Squadron rivalry and pride was on display through the Cadets concerted athletic efforts;

  • The Fall Convocation, the Christmas Concert and the Winter Ball were all held on the same weekend.  The College conferred Degrees and Doctorates on a number of very worthy recipients; including an Honorary Doctorate to HLGen Rohmer.
  • RMCC’s Christmas Concert was put on by the Cadet members of the RMCC Band, along with numerous cadet and civilian volunteers.  The concert was an excellent venue to showcase the talents of some of RMCC’s most creative students.
  • The annual RMCC Winter Ball is always a memorable event. This year’s iteration proved to be highly successful and immensely enjoyable for a large part of the College Team including faculty, staff, and cadets;
  • Successful Divisional Christmas Dinners were held;
  • 14596 MGen Dean Milner visited the College to provide a briefing on the topic of leadership in dangerous environments;
  • Academics remain the primary focus for Faculty and Students as the Fall Semester concludes on 4 Dec, immediately followed by two weeks of exam routine;
  • The college recognized the outstanding performance of16009 Steve Molaski a varsity hockey player from 1983-88 by retiring his jersey number 23.
  • RMCC Staff held their Christmas Party in the Cadet Formal Mess, a very successful dinner and dance that showcased staff musical talents providing for a very fun and relaxing evening.
  • Exam routine has commenced at RMCC, and the Cadets are preparing to validate the knowledge they have gained over the last several months.
  • Commandant paid a visit to the College’s History Department;
  • Commander Canadian Army 12966 LGen Marquis Hainse, had lunch with RMCC’s ALOY Cadets, engaging them on their experiences so far in this valuable program. His support of ALOY as the CAF/DND Champion for Aboriginal Peoples is extremely valued and felt by both ALOY students and ALOY staff.
  • The College welcomed his Worship the Mayor for an official call, which is made more special since the Mayor is also Faculty member Dr. Bryan Patterson.
  • With block leave approaching, staff is diligently putting the final touches on plans supporting the continuity of operations as well as key administrative functions.

Classes resume 11 January.