The Semester that was

By 27144 (III) OCdt Ian Ferrier

As the first semester of the 2015/2016 academic year comes to a close, the thoughts of students, staff, and readers alike are on the holiday season.  However, in order to earn their way off the peninsula for a well-deserved break, Cadets must finish the two-week exam period where they showcase their academic progress over the last semester.  For many first year Cadets, this is their first time writing in the crowded exam hall that is usually a gymnasium inside the KMCSC – this is just one of the many new experiences first year Cadets have had over the last few months that began with their entrance into the Canadian Armed Forces this summer.

Looking back at the semester that was:


13 July – Recruits arrive at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC.  They will complete the first part of the Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ) before arriving at the college.

17 Aug – Varsity Men’s Rugby and Varsity Soccer return to RMCC for training camp.

24 Aug – The First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) Workshop provides instruction to Cadets who will be responsible for instructing the recruits during their first few weeks at RMCC.

2015 FYOP Staff – One Common Denominator

28 Aug – The Barslate Workshop provides instruction to Cadets in leadership appointments over the next semester.

Young Leaders Who Will Shape RMCC History

29 Aug – Recruits arrive and march through the Arch with the RMCSJ Class of 2015, marking the beginning of the FYOP.

The Week That Was…


31 Aug – All Cadets have returned to RMCC to prepare for classes and tryout for competitive clubs.

New System, New Rules, Stronger Leaders


04 Sept – Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year Cadets receive the Canadian Armed Forces Cap Badge after demonstrating abilities learned during BMOQ.

ALOY Badging Ceremony: A coming together

08 Sept – Classes begin, as does the construction of the obstacle course.

10 Sept – Commandant’s Garden Party, where Senior Cadets and Staff had the pleasure of live music and food at the residence of Brigadier General Friday.

The Week That Was…

12 Sept – The traditional Harrier Race is held, starting from the parade square where, in the evening, Cadets will “Pass of the Square”, a major milestone in FYOP where recruits demonstrate foot drill and college knowledge.

FYOP – week two – history


Sept – 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

21 Sept – Cadets participate in the Petawawa Ironman.

24 Sept – The beginning of Reunion weekend.





25 Sept – The end of FYOP.  Recruits complete the obstacle course and become First Year Cadets.  They receive a coin with their college number inscribed on it and the cap badge of the Royal Military Colleges.




29 Sept – Fall Intramurals start.


7 Oct – A and B division First Year mess dinner.


15 Oct – Midterms begin.

18 Oct – RMCC Pipes and Drums return from a weekend trip to the United States Naval Academy.


23 Oct – Midterms end.

26 Oct – RMC Physical Performance Test week begins.


28 Oct – C and D division First Year mess dinner.



30 Oct – 200 Days to Graduation.



11 Nov – Remembrance Day.






14 Nov – Commandant’s Inspection.

15 Nov – Annual Drill Competition


20 Nov – RMCC Annual Christmas Concert


21 Nov – Christmas Ball 2015.

23 Nov – Cadet Division Christmas Dinners will be held this week.



4 Dec – Last day of classes, exam period begins and continues until 18 Dec.  End of semester.

Above is a general list of the major events over the last few months.  Looking ahead, the major events Cadets can expect are Robbie Burns Night at RMCSJ, West Point Weekend, the Carr-Harris Cup, the Battlefield Tour, another Commandant’s Inspection, MOC weekend, Copper Sunday and Battle of the Atlantic Sunday, Concert in Scarlets, the Sunset Ceremony, and Graduation.