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“Principal, RSM and I had the opportunity to visit the French Studies Dept and Bookstores this week. Again, these visits allowed me to meet more of the RMC academic wing team and to hear their concerns. Both visits were very successful and once again illustrated the tremendous level of commitment and professionalism that is present across the College.”

Commodore William Truelove –


RMCC Social Dance Club – The Best Kept Secret at RMCC!

By: 24991 Aarthi Prabhakaran

Every Sunday at 7PM in the New Gym, couples gather and transform the room into a Dance Studio. Taught by Kingston’s own Josef Riha, RMC Cadets as well as anyone from the Kingston community who wishes to attend, learn the basics of the Waltz, Jive, Tango, Foxtrot and many other classics. Since the culture of the life of an officer involves attending events which require these skills, the dancers are gaining an important ability to move in this society.

Each Sunday night the dancers meet Josef and start with a little refresher of the previous week. The lessons are a fun atmosphere that encourages learning in even those who consider themselves to have ‘two left feet.’ Then after instruction on the new lesson of the night, the dancers spend the rest of the time practicing and gliding around the dance floor. Josef, a much-respected figure in the Kingston dance community, is congenial, patient and very funny instructor who has been working with the RMC Social Dance Club for years. Another great part of these lessons, which all Cadets can appreciate, is their price! For a semester of lessons, it costs only $30 per Cadet and $40 per non-cadet dancers! As a Cadet that is constantly watching her budget, I found this was a great way to have fun on a Sunday night at a decent price.

RMC Cadets, Ex-Cadets, Military Members or members of the community, who are interested in taking part in this RMC tradition, are welcome to contact President OCdt (III) Sharon Ong at s24988@rmc.ca. Lessons will start up again after Spring Break on the 6th of March for a discount of $10 off the fee for any new dancers


RMCC Contingent Attends Showing of  “Leo the Royal Cadet”

By: 25342 II Brucie

The Commandant and Brenda, along with 40 cadets and a number of alumni, travelled to Toronto last week to see the Operetta – “Leo the Royal Cadet”. A wonderful story based on an RMC cadet, Leo proved entertaining for everyone.

It is  an operetta composed by Oscar Telgmann; founder of the Kingston symphony orchestra and composer of such pieces as the “Whig march” and “The mascot, boo hoo’s march”.

The lyrics were written by George Fredric Cameron and the operetta was published by Charles T, Cameron in 1885.

The General Director Guillermo Silva-Marin welcomed the RMC contingent warmly as he introduced the production and invited out own Commodore William Truelove to the stage to say a few words.

Having read the script on the drive from Kingston to Toronto, the commandant informed us we were in for an interesting experience of how some things just don’t change with time. He could not have been more correct, the first act taking place at RMC in 1878. It displayed an uncanny resemblance to some of the shenanigans that occur today on a daily basis; with many similarities that only a cadet of the Royal Military College could appreciate. This  resulted in a tremendous laughter which mostly  came from the cadets and ex-cadets at situations, which the remainder of the audience and even the actors themselves could not likely comprehend.

During the intermission, we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the other members of the audience and one or two of the cadets got to empty their wallets trying to pay off the 100 some odd beers owed to the ex-cadets they had run into with the same last two digits of their college numbers.

The second act although it took us away from the comfort of our familiar RMC was still quite entertaining. All in all, it was a very pleasurable evening.

Special thanks, to the Toronto Operetta Theatre for hosting us and for recognizing the Commandant as the Vice Patron of the show.

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