Greetings, Bill, and many thanks for sending along the very kind message from Jean Blackmore. I certainly remember the Blackmore family very well as my sister used to take me along to the Blackmore family home when they visited. I was the “baby” in the family, nine years younger than my brother Ken who was the next youngest. I sort of worshiped all Ken’s friends until they all went off to war, including John Matheson, of course. I will get in touch with Jean forthwith.

I am quite sure she reached me through Google and thence to you as a result of the “Remembrance Day” tribute I wrote about my family and which you published in “e-Veritas” a few years ago (I do not have the record of which Issue with me at this time). As a direct result of that story two cousins I have never met connected with me and we are in touch by e-mail now, one in Oxford, England, and the other in New Zealand.

The power of “e-VERITAS” as a communication vehicle is awesome! Keep up the great work and thank you!


Austen E. Cambon