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Visit for College Infrastructure.

RMC had the pleasure of hosting Mr.Scott Stevenson, ADM IE for briefings, a tour of the RMC dorms and other buildings followed by a working lunch to discuss both near term and long term infrastructure issues at RMC. Over the past months, the College has been pleased to also have had the Base Commander, Commander CDA, and CMP visit to see personally the challenging conditions in various buildings at the College. Comd LFCA has also been briefed on these RMC requirements and has indicated his strong support to address them at the earliest opportunity. While the College is certainly thrilled to see work underway for Sawyer Girouard, Hewitt House, and soon, Champlain Block, there remain several other major projects that will need to be pursued both in the near term and as part of the long term Realty Asset Development Plan for RMC. All this to ensure the long term health of RMC.


The Commandant had the distinct honour of hosting the Very Reverend Mary Irwin-Gibson and 3572 MGen ( Ret’d ) Frank Norman (RRMC RMC 1956) for a briefing, lunch and tour of the College. Dean Mary is Dean of Ontario Cathedral Church of St. George; a Cathedral with long and very close ties with RMC. It was a pleasure for the College team to spend time with Dean Mary as collectively the group committed to continuing the close bonds between the Cathedral and RMC. The College Staff and Cadet Wing are looking forward to seeing Dean Mary on Copper Sunday.

This past week the Commandant and RSM had the opportunity to visit two Academic Departments, Politics and Economics and MPL. Once again, these visits provided an excellent opportunity for the Commandant to meet the tremendous teams who provide the excellent education to the RMC Cadets every day. Each department provided a thorough overview of their curriculum and the challenges they are facing. This was followed by an update from the Commandant and closed with a Q & A session. The Commandant continues to make every effort to visit a minimum of two Academic Departments a month, along with the Principal and RSM, so that he can continue to increase his awareness of the Academic Wing thereby enhancing his ability to enable their success. More visits are scheduled in the weeks ahead.

Army Mess Dinner  The College was pleased to host MGen Hainse, Comd LFTDS and his team for PMT lectures to the 3rd and 4th years. MGen Hainse, a previous DCdts himself, provided the Cadets with an excellent overview the Army and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the Cadets. Later that evening, MGen Hainse returned to the College, along with many other senior Army officers, for the 4th Year Army mess dinner. MGen Howard, A/CLS was the Guest of Honour and provided an excellent speech to the Cadets. A day that started with the Commandant and RSM joining the Cadet Wing for a morning run at 0630 and ending with a spirited Mess Dinner, it was a great way for many of the 4th year cadets to kickoff their final 100 days to grad!

On Thursday, the College was pleased to host a visiting group of Recruiters, Guidance Counsellors and representatives of the Chinese Community of Montreal. The delegation enjoyed lunch with the Cadets following which they received a briefing from the Commandant and other members of the RMC team. The visit ended with a tour of the College. It is always a pleasure to hosts these important groups at RMC and to have the opportunity to showcase the excellence that RMC represents.


Constantine Arena 50th Anniversary

While the week was filled with many great events, the highlight had to be the 5oth Anniversary commemoration ceremonies at Constantine Arena on Friday night. With members of the Constantine family present, along with former Commandants and friends of RMC, it was a very special moment with Mr. Peter Ginn dropped the same puck that he personally saw dropped at the opening game 50 years ago. While U of T outscored the Paladins, nothing could detract from the energy and spirit amongst a ‘packed house’ as the Cadets and fans cheered on their Paladins. Another great night in RMC Hockey history!!

Constatine Arena 50th Anniversary – Persective from a cadet

Happy 50th Anniversary Constantine!

By 24991 Aarthi Prabhakaran

Friday night at the Constantine arena was far from an ordinary Paladin Hockey game. The game against the University of Toronto marked the 50th anniversary of our beloved Constantine arena. Cadets and civilians alike can be found there skating during free skates, playing broomball and intramurals or taking lessons. Opened on the 23rd of January 1960, the rink was one of the best in Kingston. The first puck was dropped by the widow of RMC’s 11th Commandant Maj. Gen. C.F. Constantine as well as the Commandant of the day, Commodore D.W. Piers. Nearly fifty years later to the day, the Grandson of Maj. Gen. Constantine, Mr. Peter Ginn, was present on Friday night to drop the ceremonial puck. He was just a young boy when the arena was opened the first time and was ecstatic to be able to be there again. Alongside Mr. Ginn, The Commander of CFB Kingston Col. Fawcett as well as the Commandant of RMC Commodore Truelove were on hand to assist in the initial face off. The RMC Band was also present, adding lively tunes to the game. The boys started out strong and fought hard but lost 5-2 in the end. It was a memorable evening full of history, here’s to another 50 years!

Photos taken by Matt Telfser

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