4th Years Count Down the Days…

The Class of 2013 celebrated 200 Days to Graduation this past Monday by switching places with the Class of 2016 and going back to 1st Year for a day. As is tradition at the College, 1st Year Cadets could win the privilege of wearing 4th Year No. 4’s for the day by answering questions prepared by the 4th Years. The “new” 1st Years proved to be a bit of a challenge for their 4th Year staff to handle, but it was all in good fun.


More Cadets Move to the Ranks

It has become routine in the last few months: a small number of Cadets have been leaving the College to continue their careers in the CF as non-commissioned members. Each Relinquishment Ceremony is held in the Memorial Staircase of Mackenzie Building, and is conducted in exactly the same manner as a promotion ceremony would be. This past Monday morning, OCdt Alyssa Gladue, OCdt Justin George, and OCdt Sam Huyer, all from the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year, and 26505 OCdt Tyler Van der Rijt, relinquished their status as Officer Cadets and became non-commissioned members of the CF.

“I am proud of you, and just think, maybe someday one of you will be back here as the College Chief Warrant Officer,” Col Stephen Saulnier, Head of the Applied Military Sciences Department and who officiated the ceremony in the absence of the Commandant, BGen Eric Tremblay, told the Cadets. “Wouldn’t that be something…? A College Chief with a College number.”


Australian Defence Advisor Visits College

Article by 25316 (IV) Victoria Benotto

This past Wednesday, RMC had the opportunity to host a visiting guest, the Australian Defense Advisor, Wing Commander Russel Page. Wing Commander Page gave two presentations: ‘Australia 101’, and the current state and future vision of the Australian Forces. ‘Australia 101’ touched on the history, geography, demographics, culture, and the beauty ‘Down Under’, but showed its dark side as well – the lethal wildlife. The second presentation was very informative and covered the organization and makeup of the Australia Forces, its roles, interests, equipment, weaponry, and the higher up’s vision for the Australia Forces (both its short and long term goals).

Probably the most interesting part of the presentation was the relationship between the Australian Forces and the Canadian Forces. The two forces share many similarities and have been allied militarily as far back as the nineteenth century.

Working in collaboration and fighting together in the two World Wars has fostered bonds that have since lead Australia to be one of Canada’s top allies. The two countries are both very similar with regards to their military forces, and they continue to support one another. One example of this is the multiple military foreign exchange positions that are made available in both countries annually.

In light of this, it is imperative for the Fourth Year class, the future leaders of our Canadian Forces, to be cognoscente of the background of our Aussie comrades. We look forward to working together with our brothers in future joint endeavors.

More photos from the visit (click to enlarge):

Unless otherwise stated, articles and photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt.

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