How well do you know the RMC Squadrons?

1) Which two Squadrons are named after First Nation leaders?
2) Which Squadron is named after a female heroine?
3) Which Squadron is named after the ‘Savior of Upper Canada’?
4) Which Squadron is named after the ‘first Canadian General’?


1) #3 Pontiac and #6 Brant
2) #9 Verches
3) #5 Brock
4) #11 Otter squadron



The undergraduate body (cadets) is sub-divided into 11 smaller
groupings called squadrons, of 90 and 100 officer cadets, under the
guidance and supervision of Canadian Forces staff. The Squadrons are
subdivided into flights and sections.

1 Hudson squadron was named after Henry Hudson, who explored Hudson
Bay in 1610 on his ship the Discovery.

2 LaSalle squadron was named after René-Robert Cavelier de la Salle,
a French explorer. LaSalle was the first commandant of Fort Frontenac
(now Kingston).


3 Pontiac squadron was named after Chief Pontiac, the leader of
Ottawa, Ojibway and Pottawatomi peoples who led the NW Rebellion in


4 Frontenac squadron is named after Comte de Louis de Buade
Frontenac, governor general of New France, who established the first
fort (in Kingston) in 1673.


5 Brock squadron is named after Major General Sir Isaac Brock, a
British General killed in the War of 1812. He was the “Savior of
Upper Canada” in that his aggressive defence saw the capture of
Detroit and the surrender of an American army in 1812.


6 Brant squadron is named after Chief Joseph Brant, Mohawk leader and
British military officer of the American Revolution.


7 Wolfe squadron is named after Major General James Wolfe, the
British military officer during the Seven Years’ War who commanded
the army that defeated the French in 1759 and captured Quebec City.
These actions led to the downfall of New France in 1760.


8 Mackenzie squadron is named after Alexander Mackenzie the famous
explorer and fur trader. He was the first man to cross the continent
and reach the Pacific Ocean. The Mackenzie River is named after
Alexander Mackenzie.


9 Verches squadron is named after Marie-Madeleine Jarret de
Verchères, a heroine of New France. In 1691, at the age of 14, she
defended the seigneury at Verchères against an Iroquois attack.


10 Montcalm squadron is named after General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm,
Marquis de Montcalm, military officer who commanded the French forces
in North America during the Seven Years’ War.


11 Otter squadron is named after General Sir William Dillon Otter-
the ‘first Canadian General’ who served in all ranks from Private to
General. General Otter commanded a force in the NW Rebellion and was
also the commander of the first Canadian contingent to South Africa.
Just as General Otter did, the University Training Plan Non
Commissioned Member cadets in Otter Squadron come from the ranks.
General Otter’s grandson, Desmond Morton is an ex-cadet.


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