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RMC Youth Summer Soccer Camp

By: 24734 Alex Gagnon

v-mendes“What we are trying to do here is concentrate on the community-oriented portion of the camp. This camp is open to all kids whether they are soccer players or not. We are not here to form elite players but to teach the kids how to perform a sport while having fun.”

Since last year, Mr. Victor Mendes, RMC Men’s Soccer coach, has been organizing a youth soccer camp for kids between 6 and 13 years of age. With the help of his head counselor, Mr. Mike Akai, over 200 kids will have a chance, just like last year, to spend at least a week on campus learning more and more everyday about soccer. Even though this camp is mostly oriented on fun and participation, Vic’s counselors have been working really hard and giving their 110% so the kids at camp can learn the most in their short time on RMC grounds.

Now at week 6 out of 7, Victor’s counselors, teenagers between the ages of 16 and 18, have been tutoring younger ones in order for them to improve and excel as much as possible. As one of his counselors, Vic also took under his wing 25224 Thomas Pugh (RMC 2012) who was one of his new recruits in fall 2008. Before coming to RMC, Pugh was playing at an elite provincial level in Nova Scotia.

Since all the funding for the camp was coming directly from the RMC Men’s Soccer team budget and the camp was organized on RMC grounds, the access to the sports facilities and equipment didn’t cost a dime to Vic and his crew. Instead of keeping that money for the team, Vic decided to offer a little bit more to the kids. Every day for lunch, they had either a barbecue or ordered in. Pizza, hamburgers, hot-dogs, BBQ chicken… Just name it! They had it all! On top of that, every Friday, Vic let the kids vote in order to know what they would eat for lunch.

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