The Tradition Continues: 89 Years and Still Going Strong

While over 100 officer cadets from RMC made the journey south to take in the hospitality of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a large contingent of staff and cadets from West Point made the journey north to take in RMC’s hospitality. They were not to be disappointed. RMC rolled out the red carpet with a “mini-sticks” hockey game Friday night following the official meet and greet, a full day of competitions on Saturday, and finally a “buffet style” mess dinner on Friday night. Cadets from both institutions could, if they so chose, take in RMC’s annual Talent Show as well. What follows is the weekend in pictures.

West Point Cadets Arrive…

 …and get a taste of life around the campus.


Kicking off the Weekend: The Official “Meet & Greet”

On Friday evening, after the cadets from West Point had had the chance to experience a day in the life at RMC, 25222 OCdt (IV) Brad Harding, OPI for the Meet & Greet, welcomed everyone to the New Gym for the official start to the weekend’s festivities. BGen Tremblay, Commandant of RMC; Col Lieb, Deputy Commandant of USMA and the senior officer of the West Point delegation; 25447 OCdt (IV) Martin De Souza, RMC CWC; and Cadet Joseph Carothers, a Company Commander and senior cadet present from USMA, all spoke and expressed the common desire that this weekend would be a chance for the cadets from both institutions to bond and strengthen the relationships that already exist between the two schools.

Plaques were exhanged between the respective senior cadets, and BGen Tremblay and Col Lieb then cut the cake as the cadets mingled in the New Gym. A “mini-sticks” hockey tournament followed at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre.


More photos from the Meet & Greet:

Competition and Camaraderie Abound on the Peninsula

Winter in Kingston arrived just in time for the annual Winter Sports Day, held on the Saturday of West Point Weekend, and provided sub-zero temperatures and a light dusting of snow for the ball hockey and flag football tournaments, and the traditional Chain of Command Relay Race. Other competitions were held indoors in various locations around the campus over the course of the day. 5 Sqn won the Flag Football tournament for the 3rd year in a row, while 3 Sqn was the day’s overall winner.

The following are the top five Squadron rankings from the day:

1st Place – 3 Sqn

2nd Place – 5 Sqn

3rd Place – 6 Sqn

4th – 4 Sqn

5th – 2 Sqn

 The cadets participated in the annual chain of command relay race which was won by 2 Sqn. (Sorry no photos available).


A ball hockey tournament took place on a converted parade square. 13 Squadron came first place in this event.

One of the highly contested activities which took place was a snow football tournament. 5 squadron won the football competition for the third time in a row.

Just the sight of the tell-tale frozen splotches of mocha coloured-snow throughout the inner field marked the unmistakeable enjoyment of the complimentary hot chocolate and coffee – and the level of excitement required throughout the day for people to spill them.

Outdoor articles provided by: 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt & 25742 OCdt (III) Sangjae Choi

TKD Results

The RMC Varsity Taekwondo team hosted their counterparts from USMA West Point in the 11th annual Taekwondo competition as part of the week-end exchange.

The Taekwondo Paladins maintained its perfect home record, winning for the third year in a row, defeating the West Point cadets 3-2 in a hard fought battle that came down to the dying seconds of the final match.

The individual match results:

USMA Jack Christoffersen defeated Donlee Shingoose 7-6;

USMA Ryan Kim defeated Kevin Lee 7-6;

RMC Jason Song defeated Michael Kim 23-2;

RMC Eric Deshaies Martin defeated Mark Lee 6-3;

RMC Emilie Aumont defeated Melissa Yasnowski 16-15.

Ed: No other sports results available at press time.



RMC vs. West Point: A Battle of Wit

Article by 25881 OCdt (III) A.C. Matlock

This Saturday afternoon, while football and hockey were being played outside, senior staff and students of RMC and West Point assembled in Currie Hall for this weekend’s most captivating spectator sport: Debate. RMC’s own Debating Club stars 25243 NCdt (IV) David Reid and 25192 OCdt (IV) Nevin Hotson opposed West Point’s Nathan Mayo and Robert Hall and their  “government” position, “Be it resolved that foreign powers should not intervene in a civil war.”

The fast-paced match was especially heated around the limitations of the West Point cadets’ definition of the terms at hand, as well as historical references which benefited either side during the tug and pull of the contest.

At the end of the debating round, spectators were left in awe of the mile-a-minute rebuttals of all the debaters, and they awaited the judges panel — headed by Principal Dr. Joel Sokolsky — to determine a champion at the West Point reception that evening.

As announced following the mess dinner, the winner of this year’s RMC vs. West Point debate was RMC.


 RMC Hospitality: “Buffet Style” Mess Dinner & Bagpipes

Article by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

Every year, the honour of being “host” instutition alternates between West Point and RMC, and this year it was RMC’s turn to host the Exchange Weekend. In addition to the official Meet & Greet held Friday night, this role also involved holding a mess dinner on the Saturday, as a way to close out the weekend’s festivities. This year’s mess dinner was served in the Cadet Dining Hall, and as is typical of cadet meals, it was a “serve yourself” occasion.


Presentation of awards to the winning teams from the water polo, judo, tae kwon do, and debate competitions followed, as did speeches from BGen Tremblay and Col Lieb. It was an informal yet classy way to round out the I81 Exchange at RMC, and after the dinner ended, cadets were treated to a presentation from the Pipes & Drum Corps of both institutions. This rousing musical display was held in the New Gym, at the end of which 25849 OCdt (III) Andrew Chapman, who recently spent a semester at West Point, was awarded his West Point Pipes & Drums Patch.

More images of the mess dinner and Pipes & Drums event:


Layout by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt


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