5780 Bernard Laliberte replies: “Thanks for asking. I look forward to see what others have been reading.

For myself, as mentioned earlier, I read a lot of stuff mostly historical and related to the military and the wars.

The two books that I particularly enjoyed are as follows:


  • Soldiers of the Night, The story of the French Resistance by David Schoenbrun.  It describes in great details the work of the Resistance and its role is the complete and detailed account of the French Resistance and its role during the war and the preparations for the landings in Normandy and on the French Riviera and participation in the liberation of France but more so Paris, most of it coordinated by De Gaulle and the Allied Forces under Eisenhower. It is an older book, published in 1980.


  • Being Mortal, Utal Gawande, Medicine and what matters at the end, Published in 2014, the book deals with matters related to aging, death and dying. It argues that, when it comes to older people who are getting to the end of their life, the doctors should not only treat disease which they do very  well but also concern themselves with people’s functional abilities for the few years that they have left. This book is quite pertinent for us as my wife’s adoptive  mother entered in her 100th year recently. While she is doing well in the Nursing Home, she is very frail and her situation could change any moment.”

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