Coaching Culture Episode 320: Mindtraps Series #2 – Rightness

A podcast for leaders and coaches sharing practical strategies and tools to build your team’s culture and help you grow as a leader. Co-hosted by J.P. Nerbun and Nate Sanderson of TOC Culture Consulting. Get the podcast notes and learn more about us at

In this episode, JP and Nate highlight

  • The significance of humility in the learning process.

  • Letting go of the need for control and certainty will allow us to focus on making the best possible decisions with the information at hand.

  • The mindset that allows us to be open to the possibility of being wrong and encourages a willingness to learn from our mistakes.

  • How to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, challenge our assumptions, and improve our decision-making abilities.

Canadian Army Podcast:  The Multinational Brigade – Latvia (S5 E2)

This is a big one, and it’s happening now. The Canadian Army is significantly increasing its footprint in Latvia as part of Operation REASSURANCE. This mission is shaking up the Army’s training and deployment cycles, and will bring new kit into the hands of the troops. Lieutenant-Colonel Marc Kieley talks about transitioning the current battle group in Latvia to a brigade and the impact it will have on both Regular and Reserve soldiers.

Feel free to contact Captain Adam Orton with any comments or questions:

Question of Character – Can your character change? 
Can you really change your character? This is the question we get most often, and the answer is a resounding YES! In this seminal episode Mary and Bill welcome special guest Ph.D. candidate Corey Crossan, and we discuss how character is different from personality, how personality influences character development, the key principles of character development, the process and barriers to such development, and the importance of surfacing and resolving your dysfunctional core beliefs (e.g. fixed vs. growth mindset) in order to achieve your character development goals. Mary and Bill then share three personal stories of character development, and the profound difference it has made to those lives. This inspiring episode gives you the confidence and means to intentionally and intelligently develop your own character, leading to improved decision-making and judgment, leading to better outcomes and sustainable well-being.
Ivey 3C’s of Leadership:…
Leadership Character Framework:…
Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership,

The Northern Sentinels Podcast – Episode 5 Colleen Forestier –
On this episode of the NSP, I get the chance to have a discussion with someone who has excelled in a multitude of disciplines in her life. Professionally, she is a doctor and an Army Colonel. She has been a physician to rural communities, military communities, and to deployed operations in Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Athletically, she was a national level synchronized swimmer and continues to be a competitive CrossFit athlete. She is someone who always motivates me to push myself through her example. I was an absolute pleasure to sit down with my good friend Colleen Forestier.

Shoot Like a Girl Episode 35:  Captain Meg Kilbride (CANSOFCOM Training Development Officer)
Captain Megan Kilbride is a Training Development Officer with the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. Prior to joining the Canadian Armed Forces, Meg was a school teacher in Nova Scotia. She initially enrolled as a Medical Technician prior to taking her commission through the Special Commissioning Program.

Destination Moon, with Jeremy Hansen: An Artemis II vlog series –

Want a glimpse into the life of an astronaut on a mission? Here’s your chance! Delve into a captivating vlog series where CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen takes us through his Artemis II journey. Experience the pre-flight preparations, in-flight moments, and post-flight reflections as Jeremy chronicles this historic adventure.

The Artemis II mission will take Jeremy Hansen and his three NASA crewmates on a nearly 10-day journey around the Moon. Jeremy Hansen will make history as the first Canadian to go on a lunar mission.

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