January 2023

Officer Cadet 29165 Layden Bergerman-Twan has been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for Canada.
Each year there are a total of 11 scholarships that are awarded to students. Three scholarships available for the Prairie Region, two each for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and one each for British Columbia and Newfoundland.


February 2023


For the first time in over 50 years NASA will be sending astronauts to the moon, this time with a Canadian. This Spring, NASA will announce the 4 person crew for its flagship Artemis program to return astronauts to the moon. Artemis II is scheduled to launch in 2024, and will be NASA’s first crewed mission to orbit the moon – flying further into space than any human has since the Apollo program. This program will pave the way for a potential moonwalk (Artemis III) in 2025.


March 2023

The Burden of Command – An Army Girl’s Perspective
Command has a specific meaning in the military. Command speaks to the authority has been conferred onto the individual to exercise decision making down the chain of command. Think of it as being in charge, and therefore, it carries with it both responsibility and accountability for the decisions that are made. While I speak of this topic from the vantage point of the military, it does translate to the civilian workplace as well. The job titles might be different, the type of decisions being made can be very different, and the consequences of those decision can most certainly be different.


April 2023

RMC Expedition Club summits Mount Washington
Over the weekend 7 Naval and Officer Cadets from the RMC Expedition Club, MWO Corneau and Riley Jessup RMC Alumni Association Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator, summited Mount Washington in New Hampshire. It was a great experience to get out for the weekend with the club and interact with the Cadets. For many it was their first mountain hike and all had a great time. Everyone made it to the summit as a team where lunch was had before descending back down and returning to the camp site and then heading home the following day. This trip was a much needed break for Cadets preparing for exams. Thank you to the Class of 1962 for their continued support of Recreational Clubs at the Colleges.


May 2023

RMC Change of Command
RMC welcomes 19671 Brigadier-General Pascal Godbout (CMR RMC) Class of 1995.
Brigadier-General Pascal Godbout joined the Canadian Forces as a Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer and obtained his commission in 1995 after graduating from the Collège militaire royal de St-Jean. He was given the opportunity to command inspiring teams of professionals at every stage of his career in Kingston, Afghanistan, Cold Lake, North Bay, Borden and Yellowknife. He has worked in staff appointments at NDHQ and with Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central). He had the privilege of serving as an instructor at the Canadian Forces College as well as the Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics.


June 2023

My Experience as an RMC Cadet at the King’s Coronation
If you watched the Coronation in May, you may have seen the 45-strong Canadian Armed Forces contingent marching in the coronation procession to Buckingham Palace. Although it probably wasn’t visible to those watching TV, there was actually a naval cadet from the Royal Military College marching with the other Canadian Forces members. I was extremely lucky to be the first and only cadet in the College’s nearly 150 year history to attend the coronation of our Sovereign. It was an experience of which I am extremely proud and which I shall never forget for the rest of my life.


September/October 2023

RMC Saint-Jean Reunion Weekend Highlights
Another page of history has just ended at Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMCSJ).
Guest of honour of the Fort Saint-Jean Chapter for the 2023 Homecoming Weekend, Mrs. Hélène Ladouceur was with us for the Friday and Saturday activities.
It all started on Friday evening with the traditional Happy Hour (TGIF). About 180 alumni and their spouses participated in a whirlwind of lively discussions. This year it was the 1973 entry class that was honored by entering the Old Brigade (OB). For this occasion, members of the class of 1973 entered the Great Hall of the Dextraze pavilion under the direction of the Associate Adjudant of the Old Brigade (AAOB). Each member had the opportunity to introduce themselves to all those present. The traditional pizza was served and souvenirs poured in.



Royal Roads Homecoming 2023
On September 8-10, 2023, Royal Roads University (RRU) held its annual Homecoming Weekend, welcoming back to campus RRMC Ex-Cadets with this year’s theme “Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders”.
We were honoured to host over 150 guests throughout the weekend, eager to rekindle their connection with campus and one other. The weekend commenced with a warm Welcome Reception on Friday night. During this gathering, President Philip Steenkamp made a special announcement regarding a remarkably generous gift from an Ex-cadet, who donated $250,000 to support students.


Thoughts from RMC Class of 1978 Secretary, Dale J. Robertson
Thanks as always to the many of you who devoted a lot of time to make our reunion weekend possible. Thanks specifically to our wives and sweethearts who suffer and endure the ups and downs of being with someone who had a past at a Canadian Military College and / or a career in the Armed Forces. You are appreciated.


November 2023


24974 Richard Lim RMC Men’s Hockey Coach, RMC Class of 2011 named to impressive lineup of coaching staff of OUA All Star Hockey Series
Brett Gibson of the Queen’s Gaels has been selected as Head Coach of the 2023 U SPORTS Men’s Hockey All-Stars set to compete at Canada’s National Junior Team Selection camp from Dec. 12-13.
Besides Gibson, Calgary’s Mark Howell (Associate Coach), McGill’s David Urquhart (Assistant Coach) and RMC’s Richard Lim (Assistant Coach) will also be behind the bench for the U SPORTS squad. Rounding out the U SPORTS staff are Calgary’s Alexander Jozsa (Video Coordinator), Queen’s University’s Jamie Nicholl-Carne (Equipment Manager) and University of Windsor’s Adam Ellwood (Athletic Therapist).


December 2023

3959 Phil Smith RMC Class of 1958 Arrested and Charged with Being the Best Class Secretary Ever!
Shortly after graduation in 1958, 3959 Phil Smith personally took on the non-existing job of Class Secretary and, as we now say, was the glue that bound us together. He created a stamp fund, canvassed the class for exciting events and produced a Spring and Fall newsletter and later emails to keep the Class continuously updated and active Ex Cadet Members on College activities.



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