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Who am I?

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

Who am I?

  • I was born in Toronto, Ontario in August, 1890.
  • I was educated at Model School, Upper Canada College.
  • I joined the Royal Military College on 29th August 1904 and
    graduated on the 23rd of June 1910 at 19 years of age.
  • At the time of my enlistment in September, 1914 I was a medical
    student at the University of Toronto. I later studied at the Majo Clinic
    in Rochester, Minn.
  • My wife was Gladys Hope Sewell and son Colin Sewell lived in
  • I served overseas as a Major in the Canadian Field Artillery
    with the Canadian Expeditionary Force from September 22, 1914 – April 2,
    1919. I served in Canada, England and France with the 3rd Brigade, CFA
    and in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. I was wounded on 27, September,
  • I served as a Lieutenant Colonel with the Canadian Army (Active)
    from December 4, 1940 – December 4, 1946. with the 3rd Brigade, CFA and
    was the registrar of the 21st Canadian General Hospital, Bramshott
    during the war.
  • I was appointed an “Additional Officer of The Military Division
    of the Most Excellent Order of The British Empire” June 8th, 1944 and I
    was awarded the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal.
  • At the end of the war, I returned to Canada to practice
    medicine. I retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  • I was posted as Chief Surgeon at Chorley Park Military Hospital
    on December 4, 1940.
  • The collection of the Letters & Images project consists of 12
    diary entries and 84 letters, the majority of which are an extended
    dated journal entry that begins in 1914.

a) 433 T.V. Anderson (RMC 1897-1900)
b) 490 F.H. Maynard (RMC 1898)
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e) 461 J.W. Ross (RMC 1909-1910)


jw_ross_2e) 461 Lieutenant Colonel James Wells Ross OBE ED (RMC 1910)



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