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Researched by: E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

Who am I?

James Thompson* I was born in London Ontario on Dec. 18, 1926. My father `Colonel` J. Gordon was a businessman involved in the manufacturing of gasoline pumps, and subsequently the selling of gasoline, a sportsman and a golfer who founded the Sunningdale Golf and Country Club. A Recreation and Athletic Centre at Western in London, Ontario was named in his honour.

* I attended Ridley College and graduated from Royal Canadian Naval College in 1946.

* While attending the University of Toronto (Engineering) and the University of Western Ontario (Business), I continued to serve with the Naval Reserve on HMCS York and HMCS Prevost.

* In the late 1950s and early 1960s, I competed in unlimited hydroplane racing.

* I bought Miss Canada IV and renamed her Miss Supertest I. I built the Miss Supertest series of unlimited hydroplanes.

* Miss Supertest II, a Rolls Royce Griffon powered hydroplane was the holder of the World, Canadian and British Empire speed record for propeller-driven craft with a speed of 184.54 in 1957.

* With Bob Hayward as pilot, Miss Supertest III won the coveted Harmsworth Trophy in 1959, speedboat racing’s major event, and defended this title in 1960 and 1961. I retired from racing after Hayward was killed in a tragic accident while driving Miss Supertest III in the Detroit River Silver Cup races in 1961.

* I was elected to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1959 and inducted in 1960. I was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in 2005.

* I served as president of the Supertest Petroleum Co. which was purchased by BP Canada in 1970.

* I was appointed Chairman of the Building and Construction Committee at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club in 1972. I initiated and completed a study on water requirements and clubhouse expansion needs for future years. I was elected President of the Club in 1983 and currently serve as Greens Committee Chairman.

* I served as honourary Colonel of the 1st Hussars Regiment (RCAC) from 1979 to 1999.

a) RCNC185 Mr Mike Martin (RRMC 1944)

b) RCNC187 Mr Yves Maynard (RRMC 1944)

c) RCNC189 Mr. D Keith Mills (RRMC 1944)

d) RCNC190 Mr David Milner (RRMC 1944)

e) RCNC205 Mr. Jim Thompson (RRMC 1944)

Thompson Recreation and Athletic Centre

Answer: e) RCNC205 Col (Ret`d) James G. Thompson (RRMC 1944) Thompson Recreation and Athletic Centre at the University of Western Ontario. jthompson@sunningdalegolf.com




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