OCdts. On Parade

Who Am I?

  • An air force brat who spent most of his youth in Ottawa;
  • On arrival at RMC he promptly joined the Match Rifle Team, becoming one of its top shots;
  • Early at RMC he pursued a deep interest in music by joining the Pipes and Drums as a piper, climaxing this career by becoming Pipe Major;
  • As a Cadet he combined a course in Mathematics and Physics with an enduring friendship with the computer (“ole 1620”);
  • Was often seen (“heard”) playing his clarinet at different places and times around the peninsula;
  • Father of five children; he passed the clarinet off to child #3;
  • Music is still a passion for him but computer software is his obsession;
  • He began writing software in 1964 and hasn’t stopped since;
  • He pioneered concepts about doing it right the first time, including mission and safety critical systems, one of which is a world-leading 911 emergency response product;
  • RMC was an epiphany for him;
  • His ready wit and motto since his cadet days: “Keep Smiling”.

Who Is He?

a)    6967 W. H. Braden;

b)    6894 A.P. Burke;

c)    6177 R.W. Gould; or

d)    6547 P.E. Lloyd


Who Am I # 2?



  • His last three college numbers are 000;
  • Calgarian who entered the CMC system at Royal Roads;
  • Carefully avoided notoriety throughout his recruit year;
  • At RMC he showered biting satire and excellent cartoons upon – The Marker – The Cadet Newspaper of the times;
  • He found time to express himself on the rep football field, on the debating floor, and on the ceiling of the pistol range;
  • In retirement, he concentrates on cultural activities;
  • He has become heavily involved in writing plays, as well as some short stories;
  • He has also had two short stories and two poems published in literary journals;
  • As a spinoff on the playwriting he became involved in acting, and has appeared in two plays (one a musical) and one video;
  • He continues to play the bagpipes, and sings while strumming assorted stringed instruments;
  • On the less cultural side, he is now entering his sixteenth year as a professional boxing judge.


Who Is He?

a)    5000 Hugh Cunningham;

b)    6000 Regis Robin;

c)    7000 David Haas; or

d)    9000 RA Walker




b)    6894 A.P. Burke


c)    7000 David Haas




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