New Old Brigade Adjutant (OBA) – 12149 Pete Avis RMC Class of 1979

Greetings to all the members of the Old Brigade from all colleges and all years! This is Pete Avis from the Class of ’79 (RMC). I have recently been appointed to be your Old Brigade Adjutant (OBA).  And I am pretty happy about that! I went through RMC from 1975 to 1979 and graduated with…

Wanted Ex-Cadet Class Majors From the Entry Classes of 1975,1976 and 1977

Un des événements les plus importants pour les Anciens et Anciennes du CMR Saint-Jean est l’entrée dans la Vieille Brigade. 50 ans après l’entrée au CMR, les Anciens et Anciennes se voient octroyer l’honneur de devenir membre de la Vielle Brigade. Les camarades de classe se retrouvent lors d’une grande fin de semaine de célébrations. Pour se faire, les classes doivent tout de même se préparer en reprenant contact bien avant l’événement.

Homecoming Weekend 2023 at Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMCSJ)

Another page of history has just ended at Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMCSJ). Guest of honour of the Fort Saint-Jean Chapter for the 2023 Homecoming Weekend, Mrs. Hélène Ladouceur was with us for the Friday and Saturday activities. It all started on Friday evening with the traditional Happy Hour (TGIF). About 180 alumni and their…

Royal Roads Homecoming 2023

On September 8-10, 2023, Royal Roads University (RRU) held its annual Homecoming Weekend, welcoming back to campus RRMC Ex-Cadets with this year’s theme “Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders”. We were honoured to host over 150 guests throughout the weekend, eager to rekindle their connection with campus and one other. The weekend commenced with a…

RMC Reunion Weekend Thank You from the Staff of the RMC Alumni Association/Fin de semaine des anciens – Remerciements

RMC Reunion and Badging Weekend have now come and gone, and what an eventful weekend it was.  The Kickoff to Reunion Weekend started on Thursday 14 September with the Legacy Dinner, our 23rd Annual Back Tie Gala. La Fin de semaine des anciens et de remise des insignes du Collège militaire royal du Canada (CMR)…

Wall of Honour Ceremony 2023

Not only does this Wall of Honour fulfill the role of recognizing the remarkable contributions of ex-cadets, it also acts as a means of inspiration to current students, graduates, staff, and all those who have the privilege to explore the campus to see that they, too, can make a difference.

RMC and RMC Saint-Jean Photo Galleries Reunion and Homecoming Weekends

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RMC Reunion Weekend 2022 Memorial Arch Ceremony

RMC Reunion Weekend 2022 Memorial Arch Ceremony Video

RMC Reunion Weekend 2022 Wall of Honour Ceremony

RMC Reunion Weekend 2022 Wall of Honour Ceremony Video

RMC Reunion Weekend Wrap Up from the OB Adjutant

I want to thank all of you for encouraging your classmates to attend this weekend, for your help in planning it, and for sticking with the plan despite all the curve balls that were thrown at us.  Thank you also to the Alumni Association staff who worked tirelessly in the background to make this weekend a success, particularly Mary Darlington and Jennifer Jordan.  This experience has certainly increased the pride I feel for the Colleges and the programs they offer.  Yes there are things that need to be improved, and those improvements are important, but the smiles on those First Year faces told me that what are doing is truly worthwhile.


Royal Roads conducted their Homecoming 2022 from 9 to 11 September.  This was the first in person Homecoming held on site at Royal Roads University since 2019.  On the Friday evening, a Memorial Plaque was unveiled in the Royal Roads Memorial Room in the Grant Building.  The plaque reads “ In Honour of Royal Roads…

Class of 62 Reunion a Great Success!

After lots of planning, and much driving, and flying, members of the Class of 1962 arrived in Kingston for the Reunion Weekend. It was their 60th year since graduation and they had lots to celebrate and enjoy despite the postponement of the usual parades and the obstacle course because of the death of the Queen. Not one Classmate chose to not come when the announcement was made!