14 Jan 52

I’ve worked myself back into routine again. Have started going to gym team practices and we’re putting on a short display this week. It’s amazing how one can get out of shape from staying away for a while. Church parade into town turned out well as some of us went to Chalmers Church instead of Sydenham where the U.C. party always go. It was a treat to hear Rev Bannister instead of that intolerant so and so Cragg….Our ice has melted considerably but fellows crossed the Bay today to ski over at Fort Henry. It was a real pleasure to hear Mr Churchill speaking on the radio tonight from Ottawa; for a man of 77 years he is pretty sharp, a master of the English language.


18 Jan 52

Have started turning out for the volleyball team and might make it depending on how many guys they take. Capt Wagstaff really makes a scientific game out of it and its loads of fun besides. After lectures went to Fritz’s for supper and then to see “An American in Paris” one of the most delightful musicals ever.

19 Jan 52

We held a sports night today- a swim meet with Queens and Carleton which we just lost by a narrow margin, having led until the last event. The basketball team won their game with Carleton and we put on a short display on the parallel bars which wasn’t too bad. Sgt Maj Grindley thought up the idea of building a tableau on the bars and then wheeling the whole thing off the floor for a finish. It was quite effective. After the game there was a very enjoyable dance in the new gym.

20 Jan 52

About ten of us went up to the Brig’s for tea this afternoon and spent a very enjoyable hour or so chatting and putting away little cookies and cakes. Mrs. Agnew is a wonderful lady. After roll call tonight we got going and played an hour or so of volleyball in the old gym and had a whale of a time. It’s a grand way of working off steam just before going to bed.

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