26 Jan 52

I got over my 21st birthday yesterday without much difficulty. Pat sent me a little box of fudge and I got a nice letter from mother. Went in to the Queen’s gym tonight and saw our boys lose 54-52 after having led all the way. They couldn’t seem to score during the last few minutes of play. After the intermediate game Varsity took Queen’s by two points also. “A” flight lost again in floor hockey; I collected the usual skinned knees and banged shins.


28 Jan 52

Today an interesting notice was posted saying that 74 3rd phase COTC cadets will be taken to Europe this summer for training with the 27 Inf Bde Gp. I applied for it and hope something may come of it. Recruit boxing started tonight and I found myself acting as second for 1 sqn recruits. The MIR finally caught up with me and I had to get inoculated again for dozens of impossible diseases and maladies.

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