27 Feb 51

The lapse in time indicates a period of considerable activity. On the 22nd I saw the play “Winterset”. The attached programme tells enough about it. It went over very well and was quite enjoyable. On the 23rd we left for Toronto in two station wagons and Maj. Fawcett’s car. The pistol match was held at Hart House on Saturday afternoon after eating dinner at H.H. We lost by a score of 1068 to 1008, which was not too bad. I attribute one loss to nervousness and the unfamiliar conditions. All of us shot much poorer than here at our own range. Saturday night, Frances and I went to the 48th Highlanders’ Pipers’ Ball at the Royal York. Jimmy Graham got us the tickets and it was quite an occasion—people dressed in tartan and kilts of all descriptions. It was a very enjoyable evening as well as a strenuous one—Jimmy and I nearly melted away in our high collared tunics. So on Sunday we started out again for Kingston and got in here at night after a wonderful weekend. The pool, which was supposed to be ready by now, is still not open although Fritz who is on the swimming team has used it several times at noon hour.

2 Mar 51

We are very busy these days and the assignments are being thrown at us from all sides. The hockey team left for West Point tonight with all the good luck wishes of the College. I got my first opportunity to swim in the new pool today and it was wonderful. The swimming hours are short and conflict with gym team practices so I won’t get as much swimming as I could hope for.

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