“According to the experts, yes, there really is no one better when it comes to tricky logistical issues than military types.” JP.

Brigadier-General Carla Harding’s comments in the article are informative, insightful and clearly articulated. The scope and complexity of the logistics support operations are breathtaking, gargantuan.

It is no wonder as we are at war: a war against a deadly and massively invasive pathogen🦠!

Kudos to General (Ret’d) Rick Hillier who heads the Ontario vaccination delivery program and Major-General Dany Fortin who is responsible for national vaccine logistics. The right persons, at the right time, for the right job.

The contributions of the dedicated and professional men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces address COVID-19 mitigation, prevention, public safety and wellbeing across the country, and are greatly appreciated and highly commended.

Activities include for example : staffing and assisting seniors LTC facilities; aid to remote Indigenous locations; provision of PPE devices; vaccine distribution; erection of mobile care facilities; &c.

Lives have been and so continue to be saved. Everyday, 7/24.

John Page, the author of the article, has done a masterful job of tying all facets of these complex operations together

– AN.

See the link below for more!

Vaccine rollout: Are military leaders the right people for this job?

Above Photo : Cpl Brandon James Liddy, RMC Public Affairs / Affaires publique du CMR



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  1. Tom Rozman on March 23, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    Appropriate comment to the demonstration of service by the forces on both sides of the border in the current war on the virus. The services are one of our most significant bulwarks and resources against more than external military societal threats. Their visible support to all of us in this pandemic situation underscores their value to our societies when properly constituted, trained and led. The services have capabilities that exceed any other private or public organization to deliver support and service as is being done today.

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