The Calm Before the Storm

Article by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

Being in Holding Platoon at this time of year gives one the advantage of a little perspective. Life at RMC moves in a cycle. Different pillars take on greater or lesser importance as the year moves on. As I write this, exams are winding down and will finish on the weekend; this is the proverbial calm before the storm. Life with exams is stressful, to be sure, but the relaxed routine has given the Cadets a chance to recover from the drain of the semester, and to catch their breath for the weeks ahead. (Unless, that is, you’re an Engineer with with 6 or 7 exams, in which case you’re probably still looking forward to being able to do that.)

The next three weeks will fly by. Environmental preparatory training, or EPT, will lead into the ever popular “drill fest,” and Grad Parade. Out-clearance will eat up a lot of people’s time, and it won’t be long before Cadets begin to sport beret tans, and pillbox sunburns. The fourth years will go off to their various postings, and the other years will be back in the fall with summer training stories to tell. Those who are lucky will get leave following Grad Parade, while others will have to wait til August for a little time off before the whole cycle begins again.

Right now, though, all of that is in the future. There is one last chance to relax before the busy schedule kicks in again, and as long as the weather co-operates (and the bugs; fingers crossed), the Wing will take full advantage of it.

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