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2010 & beyond recruiting of varsity athletes is underway… e-Veritas readers can help…

All the RMC coaches are looking for potential university athletes for the 2010 / 2011 school year and beyond. These same young athletes should also have the leadership potential to become officers in the Canadian Forces.

The ROTP / RETP application process makes it mandatory that we start an “attractions process” immediately. The current 2009 / 20 10 application process is near completion; therefore, it is now too late to start an application for this upcoming school year.

Consequently, we want to hear from parents; grandparents; uncles / aunts; neighbours; school teachers; friends of the family – who are aware of bright and athletic young men and women who would be a nice fit on any one of the 11 RMC varsity sports teams.

Individuals should meet at least seven of the 10 criteria:

1. Plays the RMC varsity sport at an “elite” level during his / her high school years;
2. History of being a responsible person;
3. Potentially motivated towards RMC & Canadian Forces;
4. History of being involved in community / school / church / activities (2 out of 3);
5. Demonstrated good work ethic in full / part-time/ volunteer positions;
6. Dynamic and steadfast;
7. Thrives on challenges;
8. Potentially academically solid;
9. Excellent time-management skills; and
10. Has what it takes to be a potential “leader”.

If you or someone you know may be aware of such an individual(s) contact the particular RMC coach now!  Click on each photo for team details.

Varsity Sport Coach (Pictured L to R) Contact e-mail
Rugby (M) Sean McDonaugh Sean.McDonaugh@rmc.ca
Taekwondo (M) & (W) Joel Ridley joel.ridley@rmc.ca
Fencing (M) & (W) Patricia Howes Patricia.Howes@rmc.ca
Soccer (M) Victor Mendes Victor.Mendes@rmc.ca
Soccer (W) Chad Beaulieu Chad.beaulieu@rmc.ca
Basketball (M) Scott James Scott.James@rmc.ca
Basketball (W) Brad Schur Brad.Schur@rmc.ca
Volleyball (M) Steve Leknois steve.leknois@rmc.ca
Volleyball (W) Carolyn Welden Carolyn.Welden@rmc.ca
Hockey (M) Adam Shell adam.shell@rmc.ca
X-Country Running (M) & (W) Trevor Davies Jennifer.Scott@rmc.ca


Please provide minimum coordinates on the individual(s):





current grade in school:

Extra info (optional):

REMEMBER: This campaign is for the 2010 / 2011 school year and beyond. For RMC to be competitive and successful at the university level of play – a comprehensive attractions team has to be in place. This includes coaches; staff; alumni; family members & friends of the college, in general.

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